News and poster designs :)

1. A totally new print design I made last week. I think it’s time smart boys start getting some recognition.

Smart Boys

2. I’ll be having my first solo art display for the month of January 2012 at Raphsodic Bakery in downtown Orlando! I plan on showing my current posters, but I should also have a lot of newer designs by then to hang on the walls. I’m looking forward to finally showing my art in “real life” as opposed to just online πŸ™‚

3. I recently finished three more designs and released my second set of five Rock Star Scientist Posters. It’s very exciting for me because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for months but just couldn’t get into the right place mentally to finish until now.

As always, prints of all sizes are available in my shop at

Here are the three new designs for Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, and Michael Faraday.

Sir Isaac Newton 1642

Thomas Edison 1847

Michael Faraday 1791

And here are all TEN of the scientist posters.

Complete Collection of Rock Star Scientist Posters

I’m so happy with how they turned out. It’s amazingly satisfying to know that I actually turned a little idea I had one morning while watching the history channel, into something that I (and so many others!) love so much.


The Art of Gift Giving…and HARRY POTTER!

Several weeks ago, Dawn Schreiner (a local artist here in Orlando that I’ve mentioned a few times) posted a new painting online that fell in love with immediately. Can you guess why?


Because it’s HARRY FREAKING POTTER! It’s a 8.5 x 5.25 painting in a 12 x 16 frame for $300, and I tried to convince myself I could justify spending the money on art (because it’s definitely worth every penny!). I even went so far as to email her about a payment plan so I could get my hands on this fantastical magical painting, but I soon realized it just wouldn’t be the wisest way for me to spend money right now. Before I could email her that I had changed my mind on the purchase, she sent me a message offering to donate a small print she had leftover from a show to the “positive reinforcement, things are looking up for Megan society”. Yes, for FREE!

I sent her my address and eagerly waited for the print, not even realizing that it would be just half of my surprise. The other half would be the packaging.

Sure, at first it just looked like a manila envelope, but the front had little doodles and there were hand written notes to the postman hidden in the corners




Dear Post Person:
Please handle as if this were a gift for your mother
Thank you –
I bet you were your moms favorite…


Inside the envelope, the package was wrapped in a sheet of comics, glittering fabric, and topped with a bow


Once that was opened, I found a thoughtfully written message inside one of Dawn’s own cards, and my very own Harry Potter print


Aha, he is mine!

Those little personal touches just sent me over the moon. Getting “real mail” is exciting in itself, but this gift had me glowing all day and I’ll be smiling every time I think of it for a long long time. Now that is a good gift.

To learn more about Dawn and her work, check out her:
Facebook Group

Another quick life update

Oliver and I have been living with my parents for over a month already. In the past five weeks I have seen more friends and done more things than I have in probably the past several years. The situation I had been in previously was very isolating and lonely, and seeing so many old and new friends has been like breathing in fresh air after being stuck in a stuffy closet. One that was full of dirty stinky laundry. And everything was covered with creepy crawly bugs. And the light bulb was broken, so I didn’t actually see how bad it was in there, but I felt icky and horrible just the same.

But enough with the analogy, here is some of the refreshing fun I’ve had so far:

– I met up with my friend Heather, who I’ve known from church since I was two but hadn’t seen in months, and our mutual friend Caren, who I hadn’t seen in I don’t know how long…a decade? We all shopped in Marshall’s while toting around a combined seven children, nursed and had a mini-picnic in the toys aisle, and I finally talked with friends for the first time about what had really been going on. I received some much needed comfort, support, and encouragement from both of them. It was a bright ray of sunshine in my gloomy week.

– I met up with my friend Emma Bunny and she treated me to a drink at Starbucks and a Yann Tiersen cd (!!). Her friend (and local artist celebrity) Anna, of Rifle Paper Co, happened to walk in right after me and it was nice to finally meet her, even if it was just a quick hello. I’ve admired her work for quite awhile and instead of conveying my admiration in an articulate manner, I said the most generic thing ever: “I really love your work”. Yawn. Seriously, her work is absolutely beautiful and adorable and I can only dream to be half as successful with creating and selling my own work.

Despite living so close and wanting to visit for months, I finally made it to her shop in Winter Park just last week. I had seen her facebook update with a link to her 2012 Calenders she’s carrying now, fell in love with the 11″x14″ Botanical calender, and decided I had to have one.

The shop is bright, organized, and wonderfully decorated:



Oliver was impressed as well


Here is the calender I chose. For now it is stored in a basket on my shelf with just half of it peaking out, but every time I walk in the room and see the cover it makes me happy πŸ™‚

– I started going back to the chapel I grew up at and I’ve also started going to a friends Friday night Bible study group again. This past Friday Oliver had a ball exploring the room and having so many new people to gaze at. He was particularly fond of Trent and at one point simply sat at his feet and stared as he taught πŸ™‚


– My parents and I took Oliver for his first trip to the beach. He was an instant fan and I took many videos and pictures of him splashing and trying to swim in the waves (which will be its own blog post soon). For now, here is my favorite photo from the day; just me and my boy and his first time feeling the ocean on his feet.


– After the beach we were able to stop by Tampa and have a short visit with my sister and her family. It was so cute to see Oliver hanging out with his Uncle Ray and Cousin Clay


And there you have it. That’s some of what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. Many other things are occupying my time, but I’ll have to get to them later. I also need to write Oliver’s seven month update!

Ahhh, so much I want to do and so little time after feeding my Netflix addiction…

Six month update!

Yikes! Only 10 days until Oliver is 7 months old and I still haven’t posted his 6 month update. I think you can understand why it hasn’t been the highest thing on my priority list right now, but I definitely don’t want to skip documenting his developments. So, here we go…


6 Month Update

July 20th, 2011

Weight: 19 pounds

Oliver is now a very speedy crawler. If I turn my back for just a few seconds he’ll be in the next room by the time I turn back around. He also started to sit up on his own! And then the day after he learned to sit, he pulled himself up to stand for the first time! Yes, I am serious.




Breastmilk. A lot of it.

Poor Oliver has been dealing with eczema on his ankles, legs, and face. It’s made him very very itchy, and while he seems to be ok during the day, it causes him a lot of aggravation at night and he doesn’t get good solid sleep like he used to. He also has gone through a lot of changes, moving from our house to my parents, and then switching rooms after settling here…it’s taking him awhile to adjust and get comfortable.

Overall he is still very easy going and he loves to go out to see new people and places.

Highlight of the Month:
Watching Oliver take his first steps! Poppies helped him walk through the family room as I took pictures and he was so excited!


(look at those glorious thighs!)



Other things:

– He has two very sharp teeth

– His first little mole has appeared on his left shoulder.

– He now loves bath time (at last!) and splashes merrily the entire time

– He went swimming for the first time and he actually tried to swim. I carefully held him in the shallow end and put a small floating basketball in front of him to play with. He accidentally pushed it away and then lunged forward with paddling arms and kicking legs.

– He will hold your gaze for minutes on end and stare into your soul

– He’s really into playing cards with us at night



– He loves music!

P.S. It was really difficult to write this information accurately because he has changed so much since July 20th. In just a few weeks his skin has cleared up, he’s up walking around (as long as he hold onto something), and he dances and talks. But the full update will have to wait 10 more days πŸ™‚

Moisture is the essence of wetness

Nothing like little Zoolander to get my Saturday morning going. It’s at the “smacking the computers like a bunch of angry monkeys” part, and right before the fashion show in front of the Malaysian Prime Minister. It’s so stupid it’s great. For some reason I still only own it on VHS. Yeah, I’m old school. (and for weeks I’ve been quoting the movie every time Oliver coughs – “I’ve got the black lung, Pop”.)

This morning I was able to sleep in until 7am. A complete wonder, and totally due to my mom taking care of Oliver as he woke up and was ready to start his day at 4:30am for the third morning in a row. It started turning into a routine already. He won’t fall asleep at until 8/9pm, then I go to bed at 10. Wake up at midnight to nurse. Wake up at 4:30am. Play with Oliver and wait bleary-eyed until 5:30 then load him in the car as I drive to pick up two coffees at McDonalds (yes, McDonalds, the devil of all fast food, but they make a decent cup of decaf). Tina Fey keeps me company as I listen to Bossypants for the 15 minute round trip and Oliver falls asleep after just a few minutes (what is it with cars lulling babies to sleep? It’s magical). I proceed to skip resting during is nap time and end up falling asleep in odd positions while playing with him on the floor, then collapse in bed at night for a few hours of sleep. It’s lovely.

Besides the lack of sleeping, life is settling bit by bit. It’s difficult going from having my own house and my own way of doing things, and then going back to livie with my parents again. All in all, it’s gone smoothly, and I really love having family around.


Nothing like a little morning family time as we all cram into the bathroom to watch my dad shave.

It’s wonderful that Oliver is able to be around his grandparents, I have extra help taking care of him, and I have people to cook for now(!). I’m also grateful beyond words that I have my parents here to support me, but it’s still plain weird on some level too. I feel like I’m 18 again and I’m having to fight old habits that creep in without me even realizing – leaving laundry on the floor, dishes on the table, tissues on the couch (drives her crazy:) – all things I don’t even like to do in my own place, but that I did at home as a teenager. I’ve also gone from a three bedroom house to sharing my room with Oliver, a night table, and a bookcase.

I’m looking at it as a way to scale down, get rid of things I don’t need, and only keep things nearby that I absolutely love. That includes some vintage photos, maps, books, dvds, and my munny. I thought I’d share a few photos.


The bulk of my vintage photo collection is missing right now, but I managed to find some of my favorites to display on a dedicated “pretty shelf”. I adore the little boy with his hat and his dog and my old illustrated map of New York.


These ladies and their hats kill me.


How dapper is the man in spectacles?? I should submit him to my daguerreotype boyfriend. And you have to love a guy in uniform.


A illustrated Italian map and old school class photos.


Can’t forget this suited little man and his bike.


There are two class photos here. The extremely cool thing about them is they happen to have a lot of the same children in them, only they were taken several years apart. One of them has all the names written on the back. I like to go through and match up the faces and see how they changed over the years.


This is probably my very favorite post card. It shows the only two species of elephants now living (the African and the Indian) and is from the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History.

I will take more photos of the whole room and do a sort of “before and after” once I get my space jazzed up a little more. I’m still working on curtains, pillows, and putting up artwork.

Highlights this week:

I finally ordered something besides Thai Basil at Thai House a few days ago. I’ve wanted to try duck my entire life, but always felt like I couldn’t. I thought it was too expensive, and I might not like it, so why risk wasting money on something I might not enjoy? Well, I realized 1) A half portion of a duck dish was $1 less than my usual meal 2) I might really love it 3) I have to start taking risks sometime in order to enjoy life. It may seem like something little, but it was an exhilarating epiphany for me.

Turns out, it was pretty good. I don’t think I’d order it again, mainly because it was fattier and less spicy than I like, but I was thrilled to have finally tried it!

– Speaking of risks, this past week I have been dreaming of traveling again. I haven’t let myself think about it in a long time, because I knew it would never happen under the circumstances, but now that I’m taking control of my own life, I’m going to do more things I’ve dreamed about doing. I can honestly say that if I didn’t have a baby to take care of right now, I would buy a ticket to New York for a few days and just wander around. I’ve wanted to go back since my trip in 2006. I wouldn’t even care that I was traveling alone this time. Though I’ll always enjoy people being with me more, solo travel doesn’t intimidate me like it used to. Perhaps once Oliver is older and doesn’t absolutely need me for survival every few hours, I’ll go ahead and buy that ticket.

– I’ve now lost 25 pounds. In just two and half months I’m already halfway to my goal weight. I’m pretty jazzed about that.

P.S. I have received several letters over the past week and each one has meant so much to me. Please be patient as it will take a little time to reply as I’m dealing with lots of life stuff, but keep the letters coming. I love them πŸ™‚ (

15 Things

Months ago Joanna, the gorgeous and entertaining gal that writes over at The Cheerio Family, tagged me in a blog post that I should have responded to ages ago, but it’s been so long I can’t even remember what all I’m supposed to do. I’m pretty sure it mainly involved writing down 15 facts about myself, so here they are.

1. I love that the sky here is filled with bats as soon as the sun goes down.

2. I’ve always been incredibly bothered that car turn signals don’t blink to a consistent beat. You know what I mean? It will blink perfectly to the beat of a song, or in sync with the cars blinker in front of you, but only for a second before it goes a little off, then a little more, then blinks to the opposite time that it had been, before coming back around again. It really really bothers me.

3. I collect maps, old photos, vintage postcards, and notebooks.

4. Almost nothing makes me happier than new art supplies.

5. I’d much rather talk in person or over email than use the phone.

6. I suddenly have a desire to re-read all the good (and not so good) Christian fiction I grew up with by Lori Wick (Kensington Chronicles series), Dee Henderson (O’Malley Family Series), Beverly Lewis (The Heritage of Lancaster County series), and Gilbert Morris (Wakefield Dynasty series. Eh, this one maybe not as much. It was pretty bad and so blatantly formulaic)

7. I love to watch elderly couples be romantic. (Uhhh, I just re-read this and it sounds pervy. I’m talking about hand-holding while walking through the park. Not “peaking through the curtains” kind of watching)

8. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own little bakery, coffee shop, or book store some day.

9. I really annoy myself by almost ALWAYS mistyping “from” as “form” and having to correct it.

10. I love to say “pumpernickel”. It’s a funny word. Pumpernickel.

11. Another thing I collect: Illustrations by Andy Warhol. I’m not much into his screen printing, but before he got busy with those, he illustrated for magazines and books.

12. My favorite children’s story is The Little Red Hen (gardening, baking, and sharing – what’s not to love?). Andy Warhol happened to illustrate the story and I have the book its in πŸ™‚

13. I could probably live on Thai food. I always order the Pad Bai Kaprow, American hot (Thai basil with chicken). I’m too scared to try Thai hot though. I’ve also become hooked on Mee Krob. Thai House on Colonial is the only place in Orlando I’ll order from.

14. I love to get up early in the morning, but I tend to be most creative late at night. It makes for weird sleep patterns. (Add a baby into the mix and it makes for NO sleep pattern)

15. Papyrus font will always make me laugh, roll my eyes, sigh, or all of the above.

What to say…

I’m really indecisive about what to say and what not to say here on my blog. I’ve always been a pretty open and honest person, but laying out everything for anyone to read here is making me a bit uncomfortable. At this point, I’m better with personal letters. I love letters. I have sorely missed writing them for a long time. If you want to talk, or ask questions, or just tell me about a totally rad book or movie you just discovered, send me an email –

For now, I’ll be posting some of the lighter and fluffier things going on, like a visit with some very dear friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. I met Heather and her sister Katie when I was just two years old and my family started going to the same church as theirs. We spent many years sharing birthday parties, pulling pranks, having sleepovers, and of course LOTS of talking about boys, so it was very good for my soul to spend nearly the entire day with them Thursday.

Something weird though – we’re all moms now. It still freaks me out because (partly due to circumstances for the past several years) I feel like time has been on “fast forward” and now has all of a sudden been put on “play” and I’m trying to figure out what part of life I’m picking up on.


Heather and her oldest, Isabella



Heather’s middle child, Olivia


Katie with Heather’s youngest, Max



Katie’s son, Evan


Oliver having a blast with new toys