One of my favorite things about staying in Kentucky (besides seeing family, of course) is taking a trip to some of my favorite antique stores here. I only get to visit them every two or three years, and I look forward to going more than I can say. I’m a sucker for vintage pretty things.

One day I think it would be such a fantastic vacation to rent a uhaul and plan a trip visiting antique stores all across the country. Even better, going in the summer for the worlds largest yard sale along 127. Seriously. It would be a dream come true.

One of the things I look for at these shops are vintage postcards. I use to pick up just any old things that caught my eye, but I’m becoming more selective and figuring out exactly which ones to look for.

Some of my favorites are these old richly colored floral cards trimmed with iridescent gold (most are postmarked 1910/1911).


I found quite a few of these for just $1 each. I save some for myself and then use others as greeting cards for special people in my life. They’re cheaper than buying new cards and they have so much character.


I love everything about birthday card with swans and flowers. Color, subject, composition, everything.


I was drooling over this Christmas postcard. It reminds me of the intro to old movies (and The Family Stone).


I’ve also have a thing for ships and nautical items, which seems to be all the rage now, and fell in love with these instantly.


And I always look for illustrated city scenes of Orlando from the 30’s-50’s. These are of an aerial view of downtown, a fountain at Lake Eola, and the old Orlando Air Base.

I’ve found several other really awesome things, like a vintage print of the ocean with pink puffy clouds and a tiny airplane, a clock set in a sailing ship, and many many books, but I’ll have to post pictures of them another time.

I’m so ready for next weekend to go back and find more treasures 🙂