It’s been a tiring week with a teething baby, but I’ve survived and I have So. Many. Photos.

Until I have time for a more detailed blog, here’s just a little recap of some of the things I’ve been up to:


Windy walks with bundled-up Oliver


Buying delicious produce from local farms at the farmers market


Stumbling onto an unknown Whole Foods on a day-trip to Lexington. I was so jazzed! I was able to get my much-missed organic sunflower butter, bulk quinoa, chia kombucha, pumpkin seeds, and a chocolate goji energy snack. In KENTUCKY. My day was made.


Drinking tea at Danville’s adorable coffee shop, The Hub, with mom, Oliver, and my cousin Patricia (who I found out has made her own hair gel out of flax seed and attempted her own bubble tea!)


Visiting the art festival in Constitution Square. This was probably the coolest guy there.


Taking a few fast photos in downtown Carrollton, where just about everything is owned by a Welch


Seeing my grandmother and having Oliver meet her for the very first time

IMG_6431 copy

Celebrating my niece Audrey’s 2nd birthday. She’s too cute for words.

Any there you have it. Now I’m off to try and get a few winks before the beast awakes.