For three straight days now it has been cold, gray, and rainy. I love it.


It’s perfect weather for chatting around cups of coffee, short stroller walks with Oliver between the heavy rains, and cooking – lots and lots of cooking!

Yesterday we went out into the blustery afternoon to visit the Danville Farmer’s Market. I was in produce heaven. There were only three booths braving the gusty winds, but I was still thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase some produce that had been grown locally.


Our first stop was at Joyce’s produce booth. After a few minutes she had to tell us how excited it made her to see us so excited about the vegetables. (I was literally hopping around the table ooh-ing and ahh-ing over every basket.)

I really wish I had an SLR that shot HD video because I would have loved to film her talking about farming and selling in the market. One day, one day….


That beautiful butternut squash in the middle became part of our dinner


I was freaking out over these cute baby candy onions. Ten of them went into my bag.


Honey Crisp apples! I wait all year for these to be in season. The. Best.


I have yet to try the cucumber we bought, but I’m sure it’s great.


Sitting right there on the table is the best jam I have ever had. If you’re ever in Danville Kentucky or near Knobview Farm in Periville, get yourself some of the razzleberry jam and a piece of toast and enjoy.


Monaria had the second/middle booth at the market and sold homemade breads. Since I eat gluten-free, I didn’t get any, but they looked oh-so-soft and delicious.


The third and last produce booth was run by Jody and her dog, Molly.


Molly was a little shy at first but warmed up after a few minutes.


I loved how Jody displayed her produce. It all looked so neat and pretty.

She was offering most of the same produce that I had already bought at Joyce’s first booth, but I did find some lovely baby red potatoes and bought a basket for $2.

I went home a very very happy camper and proceeded to make a vegan dinner for everyone…but that will be in my next post 🙂