I’ve made it to Kentucky! This is my first trip out of Florida in over three years, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s been so nice being with family, having a change of scenery, and I am loving the cool stormy weather (in the 50’s and constant rain).

I love waking up to a house full of people, spending the day cooking, shopping, and just being together. The morning started out with Oliver, myself, my parents, my grandmother and my step-grandfather, then in the evening my brother Brett, sister-in-law Meghan, and their two (totally adorable) kids Duncan and Audrey stopped by, followed by my uncle Kenny and his son Gavin! I tried to get as many pictures as I could.

Oliver meeting my brother for the first time 🙂

Duncan and his killer smile

Audrey (Those eyes! That hair! She’s like a glamorous baby doll)


Brett and Meghan (Funny note: We are both Megan/Meghan Welch and only 6 months apart in age)

Meghan’s totally fantastic Archaeopteryx tattoo (she’s a geologist)

We feasted on guacamole, bean dip, and chili.

Kenny stopped by and we had dueling photo-taking going on for awhile

Gavin and Duncan are the same age and did what boys do best – run, laugh, and make a lot of noise

Gram and Dick (this was right after one of Gram’s great one-liners…I’ll have to start writing them down to remember. Tonight’s dinner table chuckle came after she told me “You know, your Mom has always liked putting things in her mouth”…..)

I already have so many more pictures taken and lots to write about, but I just have to get to bed now before I fall over.

Next post: Pictures from the farmer’s market and my gluten-free vegan dinner for hard-core meat eaters! (who had to eat meatloaf on the side, but whatever, they loved my vegetables 🙂