Several weeks ago, Dawn Schreiner (a local artist here in Orlando that I’ve mentioned a few times) posted a new painting online that fell in love with immediately. Can you guess why?


Because it’s HARRY FREAKING POTTER! It’s a 8.5 x 5.25 painting in a 12 x 16 frame for $300, and I tried to convince myself I could justify spending the money on art (because it’s definitely worth every penny!). I even went so far as to email her about a payment plan so I could get my hands on this fantastical magical painting, but I soon realized it just wouldn’t be the wisest way for me to spend money right now. Before I could email her that I had changed my mind on the purchase, she sent me a message offering to donate a small print she had leftover from a show to the “positive reinforcement, things are looking up for Megan society”. Yes, for FREE!

I sent her my address and eagerly waited for the print, not even realizing that it would be just half of my surprise. The other half would be the packaging.

Sure, at first it just looked like a manila envelope, but the front had little doodles and there were hand written notes to the postman hidden in the corners




Dear Post Person:
Please handle as if this were a gift for your mother
Thank you –
I bet you were your moms favorite…


Inside the envelope, the package was wrapped in a sheet of comics, glittering fabric, and topped with a bow


Once that was opened, I found a thoughtfully written message inside one of Dawn’s own cards, and my very own Harry Potter print


Aha, he is mine!

Those little personal touches just sent me over the moon. Getting “real mail” is exciting in itself, but this gift had me glowing all day and I’ll be smiling every time I think of it for a long long time. Now that is a good gift.

To learn more about Dawn and her work, check out her:
Facebook Group