Yikes! Only 10 days until Oliver is 7 months old and I still haven’t posted his 6 month update. I think you can understand why it hasn’t been the highest thing on my priority list right now, but I definitely don’t want to skip documenting his developments. So, here we go…


6 Month Update

July 20th, 2011

Weight: 19 pounds

Oliver is now a very speedy crawler. If I turn my back for just a few seconds he’ll be in the next room by the time I turn back around. He also started to sit up on his own! And then the day after he learned to sit, he pulled himself up to stand for the first time! Yes, I am serious.




Breastmilk. A lot of it.

Poor Oliver has been dealing with eczema on his ankles, legs, and face. It’s made him very very itchy, and while he seems to be ok during the day, it causes him a lot of aggravation at night and he doesn’t get good solid sleep like he used to. He also has gone through a lot of changes, moving from our house to my parents, and then switching rooms after settling here…it’s taking him awhile to adjust and get comfortable.

Overall he is still very easy going and he loves to go out to see new people and places.

Highlight of the Month:
Watching Oliver take his first steps! Poppies helped him walk through the family room as I took pictures and he was so excited!


(look at those glorious thighs!)



Other things:

– He has two very sharp teeth

– His first little mole has appeared on his left shoulder.

– He now loves bath time (at last!) and splashes merrily the entire time

– He went swimming for the first time and he actually tried to swim. I carefully held him in the shallow end and put a small floating basketball in front of him to play with. He accidentally pushed it away and then lunged forward with paddling arms and kicking legs.

– He will hold your gaze for minutes on end and stare into your soul

– He’s really into playing cards with us at night



– He loves music!

P.S. It was really difficult to write this information accurately because he has changed so much since July 20th. In just a few weeks his skin has cleared up, he’s up walking around (as long as he hold onto something), and he dances and talks. But the full update will have to wait 10 more days 🙂