Months ago Joanna, the gorgeous and entertaining gal that writes over at The Cheerio Family, tagged me in a blog post that I should have responded to ages ago, but it’s been so long I can’t even remember what all I’m supposed to do. I’m pretty sure it mainly involved writing down 15 facts about myself, so here they are.

1. I love that the sky here is filled with bats as soon as the sun goes down.

2. I’ve always been incredibly bothered that car turn signals don’t blink to a consistent beat. You know what I mean? It will blink perfectly to the beat of a song, or in sync with the cars blinker in front of you, but only for a second before it goes a little off, then a little more, then blinks to the opposite time that it had been, before coming back around again. It really really bothers me.

3. I collect maps, old photos, vintage postcards, and notebooks.

4. Almost nothing makes me happier than new art supplies.

5. I’d much rather talk in person or over email than use the phone.

6. I suddenly have a desire to re-read all the good (and not so good) Christian fiction I grew up with by Lori Wick (Kensington Chronicles series), Dee Henderson (O’Malley Family Series), Beverly Lewis (The Heritage of Lancaster County series), and Gilbert Morris (Wakefield Dynasty series. Eh, this one maybe not as much. It was pretty bad and so blatantly formulaic)

7. I love to watch elderly couples be romantic. (Uhhh, I just re-read this and it sounds pervy. I’m talking about hand-holding while walking through the park. Not “peaking through the curtains” kind of watching)

8. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own little bakery, coffee shop, or book store some day.

9. I really annoy myself by almost ALWAYS mistyping “from” as “form” and having to correct it.

10. I love to say “pumpernickel”. It’s a funny word. Pumpernickel.

11. Another thing I collect: Illustrations by Andy Warhol. I’m not much into his screen printing, but before he got busy with those, he illustrated for magazines and books.

12. My favorite children’s story is The Little Red Hen (gardening, baking, and sharing – what’s not to love?). Andy Warhol happened to illustrate the story and I have the book its in 🙂

13. I could probably live on Thai food. I always order the Pad Bai Kaprow, American hot (Thai basil with chicken). I’m too scared to try Thai hot though. I’ve also become hooked on Mee Krob. Thai House on Colonial is the only place in Orlando I’ll order from.

14. I love to get up early in the morning, but I tend to be most creative late at night. It makes for weird sleep patterns. (Add a baby into the mix and it makes for NO sleep pattern)

15. Papyrus font will always make me laugh, roll my eyes, sigh, or all of the above.