I’m really indecisive about what to say and what not to say here on my blog. I’ve always been a pretty open and honest person, but laying out everything for anyone to read here is making me a bit uncomfortable. At this point, I’m better with personal letters. I love letters. I have sorely missed writing them for a long time. If you want to talk, or ask questions, or just tell me about a totally rad book or movie you just discovered, send me an email – meganleewelch@gmail.com

For now, I’ll be posting some of the lighter and fluffier things going on, like a visit with some very dear friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. I met Heather and her sister Katie when I was just two years old and my family started going to the same church as theirs. We spent many years sharing birthday parties, pulling pranks, having sleepovers, and of course LOTS of talking about boys, so it was very good for my soul to spend nearly the entire day with them Thursday.

Something weird though – we’re all moms now. It still freaks me out because (partly due to circumstances for the past several years) I feel like time has been on “fast forward” and now has all of a sudden been put on “play” and I’m trying to figure out what part of life I’m picking up on.


Heather and her oldest, Isabella



Heather’s middle child, Olivia


Katie with Heather’s youngest, Max



Katie’s son, Evan


Oliver having a blast with new toys