Last Wednesday I received an email from Thor (aka Tom Thorspecken) about a project he’s been working on. He’s been busy sketching around 60 people so far for a large wall mural at Menello Museum, and when they suggested he find a mother and baby for the mural he sent me an email to see if I would want to be involved. Of course I replied with a great big “YES” and we scheduled for the next afternoon.

His style is sort of part cartoon, part caricature, so I was curious to see how this one would turn out. He wasn’t sure Oliver would be able to stay still for long enough to sketch, so at first he just took some photos of me holding Oliver while standing in the living room (in the middle of our makeshift playpen) to use as a reference so he could sketch later .

Well, Oliver was calm and in good spirits, so after the photos we just kept standing and Thor busted out the sketch in about 30 minutes.

And here’s the result!

And though you can’t really tell how perfectly round Oliver’s head actually is in person, and I don’t have feet quite that large, I think it’s pretty cute πŸ™‚

Oliver was very happy to be “set free” after being held still for so long and got out all his pent up energy by going crazy on his hanging toys, swatting them quickly over and over again, Rocky Balboa style.

I kind of can’t believe it’s already been two years since he sketched me painting in my bitty “studio” at the old apartment (note if you read his blog entry: I’ve started using my easel after that):

(I blogged about it and posted a short video from the day)

I also had a little cameo in his sketch from the Sketch Crawl that I showed up at and photographed.

(ugh, I’m so glad I’m out of the black-and-white-with-fuzzy-edges phase!)

You can’t really tell it’s me, but I’m third from the right wearing a white shirt and hoop earrings (my hair wasn’t actually short, just pulled back in a pony tail)

I think this new sketch is my favorite one now, if only because it shows me at one of my happiest times – holding my little guy while he smiles up at me πŸ™‚