My biggest frustration right now it having too much I want to do. It’s not a complaint though. I love always having something to keep occupied. I hate the feeling of wasting minutes, hours, days, just pondering what to do next.

I have some wonderful things occupying my time lately, but it just seems I can never get done as much as I’d hoped.

Some of the things I have to split my time between:

– I take multiple trips to the library every week to find new books and dvd’s. A friend and I have started a little book club but it takes a painfully long time for me to finish one book while dividing my time between everything else all week. I make sure to go every Saturday, and yesterday was no exception. The third floor is becoming my favorite spot. It’s quiet, mostly empty, and full of all the informative non-fiction books.

I always feel a sense of urgency and pressure at the library. Like I need to grab as many books as I can before they disappear for some reason. It’s hard to leave without taking at least a dozen home.

I love love love this stroller. Not only is Oliver comfy and easy to see, it’s like carrying around a little shopping cart everywhere I go, with places for my drink, phone, and camera. I loaded up the top with some dvds while the bottom basket was full with the daiper bag, my purse, and a large amount of books.

This is just a little alley I walk by on my way to and from the library. You can’t tell, but further back it looks like something straight out of a European postcard. I’m trying to plan some sort of photo shoot down there in the future.

– I have friends and family to spend time with. Most recently I’ve been doing a lot with my friend Melissa, and it’s been such a treat. We enjoy a lot of the same things: art, movies, food (Anthro!), and she’s also using the same program I am to lose weight, so there is always someone to encourage or commiserate with.

– Anytime I nurse Oliver, or at night before bed, I use Netflix to watch Battlestar Gallactica. I started the series a few months ago and I now have just one episode left! There is great depth and development to the characters that a lot of series lack, and I’ve always been a nerd for Sci-Fi. And it really makes me want to say “Frak!” all the time.

– I’ve fallen in love with a local bakery that is just around the corner from our old apartment. Not only is everything there vegan (so completely dairy free for me), they have a wonderful selection of gluten-free goodies. My favorite are the cupcakes, but they do cookies, biscotti, and I was told I can even request them to make some whoopie pies if I give them 24 hours notice!

My mind (and taste buds) were blown away with that gluten-free espresso cupcake on the left. I was so tempted to drive back and get another one that evening. If you ever stop in there and see them again, call me up!

– I have at least ten art related projects I want to start, not to mention totally redecorating my house. I’ve been letting myself put off everything with the excuse that I need more supplies, and thus more money first, before anything is started. Well phooey to that. I’m starting those projects now before I lose steam and forget about them altogether.

– Music makes everything more fun, but I’ve fallen pathetically behind with current artists. I used to always keep up with all the popular and not so popular groups emerging. Well, I’m using Pandora to get back in the music scene. If you have any good suggestions let me know. Right now I’m digging A Fine Frenzy and some other mellow stuff (Milosh is always good, and it seems I’ve been leaning towards a lot of electronica in general).

One fun “project” I like to do is break out a sketch book and pens/markers/whatever and turn on the radio. Then just start sketching whatever the music brings into mind. It doesn’t have to be anything concrete, just doodles and shapes works to get me back into a creative mind set. The other night I played around with this page in my sketch book:

– Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon I spent time with Melissa. More than the usual week but birthday shenanigans took up Monday, Tuesday we did a small repeat, and Wednesday we spent at my house watching Circle of Friends and Modern family.

Wednesday evening I met up with [7] (an artist group we started up last February) at one of the members photography studio in Oviedo:

Thursday afternoon Tom Thorspecken came over to sketch me again, this time while holding Oliver (to include in his mural he is painting at Mennello Museum. I’ll be sure to post pictures from the museum once the project is finished later in July)

And then Friday my very sweet hairdresser friend, Renee, had me come to the salon she’s working at for a free birthday haircut (that I love)! I’ll have a lot more pictures from it up in a few days.

– I have about five different blog posts I’m constantly writing but it’s take ages to finish them and get them posted. I’m always thinking of more things I want to write, photograph, cook, etc, but it’s one of those things that keeps getting put off to do other things. You know, like eating, and snuggling, and trying to get a little sleep.

– I’m constantly finding beauty and inspiration on Pinterest, Tumblr, and blogs. That really sucks up a lot of time, but it’s so fun and easy to get absorbed in.

– And of course, I have my adorable Oliver and lovable Matthew to spend most of my time with. The days pass so quickly, I want to make sure I spend the most time with these two fellas.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I feel like I am in a good place. I love that my days are packed so full that I can’t get everything done. I feel like I am becoming a better person though all of it. And best of all, I feel content 🙂