Monday was one of the best birthdays in a long while. I couldn’t say it was THE best, because that title is still reserved for my childhood “Under the Sea” party my mom threw, which included a large fishnet full of plastic crustaceans hanging in the corner, blue and green plastic wrap draped across the ceiling (“ocean waves”), and Little Mermaid eevvverything. It was a ball.

But I’d have to say, this birthday was 100x better than last year. Last June I was about two months pregnant, constantly nauseous, and spent the day whimpering on the sofa . Well, except for the one highlight of my day which was being rolled around in a wheelchair by Matthew through the new Wal-Mart. Yeah, fancy!

Well, here’s how this birthday went:

I started my day video chatting with my mom and grandmother who are in Kentucky right now and they told me all about the day I was born.

My friend Melissa showed up around 9am and we ate a delicious breakfast together. Organic decaf coffee, Van’s gluten-free waffles, Jones turkey sausage, and an organic fried egg. Yum!

I wanted to knock out some stuff on my birthday list so we headed to Rhapsodic Bakery and reserved some cupcakes. We paid and left them to be held there until later in the afternoon so they wouldn’t melt in the car.

Oliver was a dream the entire day and just having him with me made the day so much more special

Next we went to Sam Flax to look at art supplies. They just moved from their previous location to a few more blocks down the stret into a much larger building. The outside is painted with large murals and I absolutely love the elephant mural by Andrew Spears. I found out that Thor sketched it being painted!

We giddily browsed the store for at least an hour or more. Mel spotted this book and fell in love. I found a plethora of items I wanted to buy, but limited it to a black micron pen, a small sketchbook, and a watercolor paper postcard set. That means I can mail people postcard paintings! 🙂

I wanted to get some new clothes so we headed to Colonial Plaza. Our trip to Ross was disappointing and disgusting. Not only did the clothes not fit, but the dressing rooms hadn’t been cleaned in years, and while trying on clothes I got bit between my toes by a random carpenter ant that came out of nowhere!

We headed across the plaza to Old Navy next, but the items I found there last week and liked were already gone 😦

By this time we were getting pretty hungry so Melissa drove us to Seito in Baldwin Park. I’d only eaten once at the Winter Park Village location and decided to order the same thing (it’s a small menu and I don’t eat sushi)

Melissa sketched me some birthday doodles while we waited for our food.

Ta-da! (says “happy birthday meggles!”

We also passed the time taking photos of all the cool light fixtures, as well as photos of each other taking photos.

Mmm. My teriyaki bento! I tried one piece of the California roll at Melissa’s insistence and nearly had to spit it out in my napkin. I opted to chew and swallow it really fast then gave the other pieces to Melissa. It’s not the taste that gets me, it’s that mushy gooshy texture I can’t stand. Oh well, at least I gave it another try.

After lunch, we stopped back by Rhapsodic and picked up our cupcakes. We split the vanilla and the cinnamon. I liked the vanilla best but both were nice. They had a great texture, especially for being vegan and gluten-free. That can be hard to get right in baked goods when you don’t use eggs or regular flours. They were a little on the sweet side, and there was a peculiar taste and smell I couldn’t place, but I really loved being able to have a little “birthday cake”. When I went back Tuesday I tried those chocolate cupcakes and they were KILLER. Love everything about them and I’ve been wanting more since!

We decided to head out to the Florida Mall and I got my picture with the surprisingly tall cardboard Justin Beiber.

The place was jam packed with rude tourists bumping around everywhere and the mall was just chaotic. This face says it all.

After looking through Old Navy, H&M, and Forever 21 (two floors completely full of 90’s floral prints. Gag!) we still didn’t find ANYTHING (I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t buy any clothes just yet since I’ve been losing weight so quickly. My shorts I just bought two weeks ago are already so loose I have to keep them up with a belt). It was nearly 6pm by this time so we headed back to my house and I spent the rest of the evening relaxing with Matthew (who grilled dinner for me).

And that was my 26th birthday. Lots checked off my birthday list and many many good memories!