Melissa was over again yesterday for breakfast, movies, and general frivolity. It is incredibly nice to have a friend nearby again that can hang out and loves doing all the artsy/nerdy/calorie-counting things I like to do.

After a little heart-crushing let down in the afternoon (I decided to splurge and get a gluten-free dairy-free pizza from Mellow Mushroom as belated birthday treat. I went in to order and my estimate of $15 was blown to bits when I found out they charge extra and it would cost $23! I just couldn’t throw down that much on lunch, so I left and cried pathetic self-pity tears as I drove home), I was really wanting a treat, so I easily convinced Melissa to go for another cupcake and cup of coffee at Raphsodic Bakery.

Yum yum yum. This vegan gluten free chocolate cupcake was so fantastically good, I just had to get a second one 🙂

We brought along some of our new art supplies from Monday’s trip to Sam Flax and had a little sketch time while sipping coffee and nibbling on sweets.

I have fallen completely in love with my new micron pen. I envision spending many dollars on collecting more…