While exploring Target with my friend Melissa yesterday, I decided to take pictures of some of the pretty things I was looking at getting myself for my birthday. Our budget is tight right now, so I didn’t really want to spend anything except the $10 my grandmother sent me.

The first things that caught my eye were some belts and a black sun hat

This belt had a bit of an Anthropoligie flair

But I also loved the style of this tan one

This bag was on sale for just $15! It would make the perfect overnight bag or beach tote.

Then I spotted this headband and fell in love. It was perfect. Pretty little shiny bobbles, and I adored the gold trim.

I decided this was for me. And it was $9.99! Perfect!

But I kept looking and finding pretty things. I’d pick something up, admire it, then remember that I had found the perfect headband already, so I’d put the other item back.

Ooohh, bight green feather earrings. Cool…but not as good as the headband.

This was seriously cool and would go with nearly everything. So tempting…but no.

Such happy summer colors! But it went back on the shelf.

A soft and feminine scarf with a lovely floral print. Ah, so nice…but not today.

I even found this kitchen rug that would be perfect in our house, but it just didn’t make the cut.

I continued to shop for at least another hour and a half, constantly picking things up then putting them back. It was finally time to check out and the cashier started ringing up my other items (three cans of beans and a nail file – exciting!) then as she scanned my beloved headband, her computer screen went red, froze up, and required her to call a supervisor.

Then the dreaded words: “Sorry, we can’t sell you this headband. It’s been recalled”.

I nearly started crying right there. But I pulled it together and waited to tear up until I was walking out the doors. I simultaneously felt silly for crying over a hair accessory, and really really crushed that the one thing I had set my heart on for the past two hours was now taken away. The one thing I had kept picturing in my mind as I shopped, and saying to myself “No, you don’t need that necklace or purse, you have a headband!”, was now unattainable.

Boo-freaking-hoo, right? Well, it was very sad to me, even if it was slightly pathetic. (And then I went to Old Navy for the first time in years and tried on four – yes four – things I really wanted, but I put them all back and that made me even grouchier.)

The silver lining to this downer of story? Melissa bought me that first belt as an early birthday gift and I’m loving it!

And now, a day later, I’m not suffering without that lovely headband, and I realize a little bit more how insignificant material things really are. Even if they are fun to have, the world keeps spinning ’round and I’m still blessed with more than I ever imagined šŸ™‚