Just a few days late. Not that bad! πŸ™‚

5 Month Update

June 20th, 2011

Weight: 18 pounds

About 2.5 weeks ago, Oliver up and decided to start crawling. Surprise! One day he was on his play mat, and the next minute we looked over and he was halfway across the room. We couldn’t really believe it at first, but every day he has gotten better and better and is up on all fours, crawling and scooting around. So far he is pretty containable, but I doubt that will last long.

Another surprise, that actually freaked me out a little, was Oliver standing up almost completely on his own. He was sitting on the sofa and my mom held his hands, and then he just pulled himself right up and started taking steps. He’s still shaky so we make him sit right back down (I’m paranoid of him hurting himself. He’s so eager to do more and more, despite not always having the strength and ability yet), but he tries to stand back up every chance he gets.

Uh..and i don’t know if this is categorized as “movement”, but I was surprised and a little amused when I saw that anytime I change his diaper or undress him for a bath, he immediately starts playing with himself and doing a really funny giggle like “Hehehe…hehehe…heheh”. I didn’t realize boys acted like boys so early.


He is his happiest right after eating (of course), and anytime we are out and about. He’s a very social guy and loves to smile and laugh. Sometimes it takes him a minute to warm up to people, and other times he’s giggling right away.

He recognizes his name now and he also talks constantly. Just babbles mostly, but he is pretty good at repeating sounds. He also accurately uses “Hi” and “Yeah”. Seriously.

He constantly wants new things to see and touch and learn (80’s reference ahead: We joke by doing the Johnny #5 voice and chanting “Input! Input! Input!”). Sometimes if he’s at home for awhile with his (very limited) toys, he’ll start to fuss and cry and get upset for apparently no reason. Then I found out, it’s just because he’s bored! If I bring out a book or stuffed animal he’s never seen, or if I take him for a walk, he’s happy as a clam.

His mood has also really improved since getting back on track after my failed attempt to eat gluten again. For two and a half delicious weeks, I ate soft fluffy multigrain bread, french bread, pitas, challah…it was glorious. Then Oliver hit his limit and spent several nights waking up every hour crying in pain. So we’re gluten free again now (but I plan to have a very rare occasional treat since he seems to handle small amounts without a reaction). On the plus side, I have more energy and clearer skin since getting off of gluten once more. I had gone downhill fast!

Highlight of the Month:
He started saying “Mama!” to get my attention. The first few times I thought I was imagining it, but he’s repeatedly done it at times when I’m not looking at him and he wants my attention.

Also, just this afternoon, Matthew was watching Oliver crawl on the floor while I napped on the sofa. He went from one end of the rug over to my sofa, grabbed the bit of my blanket hanging near the floor, and started tugging on it saying “Mama! Mama! Mama!” until I picked him up for a big snuggle πŸ™‚

One of his favorite things is just staring at daddy

One of his least favorite things: getting stuck crawling! He can’t really go backward, so if he runs into trouble he makes this face πŸ™‚

But snuggling makes everything better

This is what we call his “sexy beach pose”

If he spots a toy he wants, he purses is lips with determination and starts moving for it (SUCH a Matthew face)

And this is what daddy does when mommy leaves for a little while. He didn’t seem to mind, though πŸ™‚