Things that are cool about my Dad:

– I love that he’s not afraid to be unconventional

– I love that he’s written poetry and songs that he sang to me growing up, and that I still sing them to this day

– I love that he keeps track of all my sold items on Etsy and is excited about every single one (and even calls me for the really big ones)

– I love that he always helps me when I need him

– I love that he taught me to drive and how to change my first flat tire

– I love that he’s very very silly, even thought most people might not know it.

– I love that he took me on “dates” growing up. It is still one of my favorite things about my childhood.

– I love that he stood by me during “that phase”

– I love that he dresses up for photos for me šŸ™‚

My Dad - Brewier Welch


Brewier Welch

Brewier Welch

– I love that he takes care of my mother so well and downright spoils her šŸ™‚ (drives to get her coffee in the morning, even though he doesn’t drink it, he surprises her with flowers, he’ll drive all across Florida all week but still drive her hours to the coast on the weekends, and on and on)

mom & dad

– And I love that he loves Oliver so much

I love you, Dad!