Photography – I’m starting a new series that will document the wonderful things I love in/about Winter Park. Now that I’m going for walks more frequently, I have the perfect opportunity to carry along my camera and take at least a few photos every time I’m out. Hopefully, through my individual perspective and post-processing techniques, I can turn it into something a little more interesting than the usual “point, shoot, ta-da!” style of landmark photography.

Painting – My new painting project is dedicated to Oliver. It combines art, food, and learning, and I’m super excited to get it started. I’d really love to do this one in watercolors though, and I currently have none, but all the materials I would like to use only adds up to around $100, so it shouldn’t take too long to compile the items. (I may ask Matthew for a Blick gift card for my birthday later this month to help out 🙂 If you’re curious about the supplies I’m looking at, here’s the list – )

Digital Art – I have three scientist posters that I meant to finish months ago, so those will be done first. After that, I have five or six text-based designs I’m working on. Sort of…slogans/sassy phrases with some design elements. It’s a work in progress and will take a little more time to iron out details.

Recipes – One day I would love to put together a little self-published cookbook. Nothing fancy, but something to make available to friends or anyone interested in some of my favorites recipes or techniques. This project is definitely on the back burner right now, but I am going to dive back into the kitchen and start sharing some of the things I’ve been cooking. I’d also like to experiment with unusual dishes and share the results. You know, the kind if stuff you’d otherwise mostly likely never know or want to try yourself. Strangest dish I can think of right now? Chocolate Mayan Jungle Bird.

Interior design – I’m finally going to settle into this house. Because we’ve always rented, I’ve found myself hesitant to really make a place “ours”. Pictures remain un-hung and rooms truly unpacked and organized because I think “Well, it will all have have to be taken down and put in boxes soon enough”. But enough of that! I am putting my mark on this place and creating a cozy oasis for our family and friends to enjoy. Thanks to my brilliant and creative mother for helping me in this endeavor. We’ve already turned the small front den from a storage space into a warm library nook. I am making it my own personal retreat and it’s where I’m currently typing an sipping a cup of coffee. Now on to the rest of the house!

P.S. One of Matthew’s big projects has been growing a fantastic garden. One of the first things we were able to enjoy were some fresh ripe tomatoes. What an amazing difference from store-bought tomatoes!


And tonight we’re grilling up our obscenely phallic bell pepper.