I picked up a hand cut cubby-hole type wall hanging at a garage sale years ago with the idea of painting it and storing pretty things on its little shelves. Finally, TODAY, I painted it at last.

I’m really horrible with remembering to take “before” photos, but I managed to get a few before I was finished painting.

Years of dust had built up on it, and despite being wiped down, it still looked filthy.

The whole thing had a patchy metallic gold paint job and cruddy looking stains.

Now it is Mermaid blue 🙂 It will be going in special spot that I will blog about another time (soon).

Last night Matthew caged a humongous grasshopper in a plastic coke cup so I could photograph it this afternoon. Thoughtful isn’t he?

And to get some perspective…

Oh yeah, and Matthew put fake lettuce leaves on Oliver’s head. Just because.

Oliver was clearly thrilled.

Earlier in the day we had a giggle fit when Oliver picked up the felt basket full of veggies then rolled over with it and dumped the entire contents on his head. Matthew later re-enacted it for the camera by tossing the vegetables on him from across the sofa. It’s a baby salad!