I need sleep. My brain is starting to spark and misfire. Oliver has discovered his voice, and in the middle of the night likes to practice his chattering at varying decibels. He also woke up every few hours to eat. I can’t remember a recent night when I got more than two straight hours of sleep.

My mom has been staying over for several nights to get away from allergies at her house, so at least I have a built in babysitter for a short time (afternoon nap, perhaps??). While she kept an eye on Oliver this morning, I ran out to get her a cup of coffee. I felt particularly annoyed with rude drivers (those darn SUV driving women seem to be the worst) trying to get into the drive-thru lane by going the wrong direction and blocking other cars, then refusing to move until they could get into line. Really? I gave an extra-long dirty look into the review mirror (and then immediately felt guilty). That’ll teach her.

When I paid at the window, the guy giving me my change looked at me like I had the plague. Then I realized my blistering burn from last week is looking pretty gnarly. Like, contagious-skin-disease gnarly.

I stopped yawning long enough to also drop by the health food store to get some more millet bread (thinking I may have to cut out wheat again. Eek.). I stared longingly at the rows of chocolate bars for a good five minutes, but I resisted. Hurrah.

When I got back home with the coffee, mom was explaining that Les Paul was “the inventor of electric guitars and….” she paused and motioned around her neck. I immediately said “CANDY NECKLACES???”. I have no idea why that was the first thing to pop into my head, but it made me really excited to know who invented my favorite childhood food/toy, and I gave myself a good laugh. (FYI: Smarties Candy Necklace were actually produced by P N Ce De Candy Company, and were first available in 1958.) Oh, and he invented harmonica holders, not edible jewelry.

Ok, that was weird. As I was typing this, I saw a woman stop her car in front of my house, hop out, and take the packet of coupon flyers from my driveway! I actually use some of those flyers, so I ran out to ask for them back. At first, she denied taking them, then she told me she collected them for a local shelter that uses them. If that’s true, good for her. I asked for them back just to get my Publix sales paper and gave the rest back to her. Let her do what she will with them. Maybe she’s one of those extreme couponers.

Well, besides a hope of catching up on a little sleep, I plan to work on some creative things today and should go get started. Happy Thursday, friends 🙂