Who would have thought I would ever count calories? Well, those days started on May 23rd when I joined MyFitnessPal.com (megkat85 if you want to be friends!). I quickly realized how much I had been indulging and overeating on an every day basis. Now that I’ve become aware of my food intake (and dropped 8.5 lbs in less than two weeks!) I’m always on the lookout for a tasty yet healthy new meal.

Well, yesterday morning started out with a continued craving for something akin to an McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. Not an actual McMuffin, mind you, because I haven’t eaten once since I was a pre-teen and even then I was suspicious of it actually being labeled as “food”, but I wanted something bready, and eggy, and cheesy, with that salty zip of ham. Since I’m watching my calories, and I still can’t have dairy, I knew I’d have to make some modifications.

So the night before, I went out and bought some Follow Your Heart vegan cheese (no, it doesn’t compare to real cheese, but it DOES melt and give you the same mouth feel), some Jones ham slices (97% fat free and only 25 calories a slice!), and I was already armed with millet bread and organic eggs.

And this was my beautiful savory concoction:

Gluten-free Dairy-free Healthy Egg McMuffin

Calories 256g, Fat 16g, Sodium 471mg, Carbs 19g, Protein 13g

No, it’s not an English muffin, but I like cutting back on carbs and calories wherever possibly now, and using just one slice of bread saves 75 calories!

If anyone else wants to try making their own homemade version of a fast food breakfast, here’s what I do:

(- Start the coffee brewing)
– Heat the skillet
– Pop one piece of millet bread/bread of choice in the broiler
– Melt just a tiny smidgen of earth balance buttery spread in the skillet
– Crack open an egg straight into one side of the pan and poke it with a knife to break the yolk
– Start heating a slice of ham on the other side of the pan
– Flip the bread, flip the egg (once the whites are opaque and the top is starting to set) then flip the ham
– Put a little shredded “cheese” on the toast and put under the broiler for another minute
– Grab a plate and stack it all: Toast>Egg>Ham and a little salt and pepper
(- Fix a cup of coffee)
– Eat!

Yum yum yum yum yum! I am hooked. Not only did I have it yesterday and today for breakfast, but I actually made another one for a mid-morning snack/small early first lunch (Oliver is eating 2-3x as much the past few days – up to once or twice an hour – so I’m eating a lot more frequently!).

At just 256 calories, this makes a quick and easy go-to meal ๐Ÿ™‚