Whoa, over a week late, but here are pictures from our fun Saturday trip to the Farmer’s Market last weekend!

We had a very relaxed morning and didn’t leave the house until around 11:45. It was already well into the 90’s and the sweat was rolling off of us within just a few minutes

I love that the city of Winter Park puts peacocks on everything (the city symbol). Also loved how the rust looked on this grate. Dump no waste!

Along the way to the market we spotted the brightest orange car on the face of the planet.

Mathews first stop was one of the many booths selling plants

We discovered the market is pretty lush with greenery!

The inside of the market has the best lighting. There were some pretty delicious looking treats in here. Table after table selling cupcakes, breads, pastries, fresh iced coffee…mmm. Sadly, it all has dairy :/

These little jam jars and the mish-mash of fabrics brought a smile to my face.

Buckets and buckets of local produce. I’ll have to plan ahead and do some food shopping next trip.

Expeeeensive tomatoes.

Once we got back home and rested a bit, we headed out to the backyard for some more family time. While Matthew gardened, Oliver played in his bouncer and I went online a little. It was so nice to all be together outside…such a little but wonderful thing for me.

(you can see our little patch of new sod on the left there. 26 pieces down, a LOT more to go!)

Oh yeah, and there was time for monkey faces too 🙂

This weekend has been such an enjoyable one as well. Matthew had to work Saturday morning, but his mom stopped by to say hello on her way home from playing tennis, then a few hours later my parents came over to see Oliver. While Matthew was still working, I went out in the smoldering heat and walked with Oliver to Borders so I could use a coupon to get a surprise grilling book for Matthew, because his OTHER surprise was a brand new grill I had ordered online and it arrived that morning. They were both Father’s Day gifts that I gave him early so we could use them today for a Memorial Day cookout. SUCH fun! 🙂

Yesterday, just minutes after we got home from church, we had an impromptu visit from my parents (we got so many of those from both our families now that Oliver is here :). This morning, my mom, Oliver and I went to Park Ave for coffees and shopping then we grilled out with my parents. About a half an hour after they left Matthew’s parents and brother came to grill out too. This evening Matthew and I were inspired to start cleaning out our third bedroom – the office/art studio. We;re making fast progress and I can’t wait to get all my art supplies organized and have a clean space to make some new things.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow morning when my friend Melissa is coming over. We’ve both joined myfitnesspal.com (along with several other friends and family members) and are trying to lose about 50lbs a piece. We plan to take some “before” photos of each other and then take a good long walk around the neighborhood and Park Ave…with a little stop at Starbucks along the way. And since it’s likely to be pretty hot despite being early in the day, I plan to run through the splash park on the way home this time!

Ok, time for a late dinner and some more cleaning!