After the busyness of last week and this past weekend (which I still have to post pictures of), it was actually really odd to be by myself at home with Oliver yesterday. I’d gone out with someone or had a friend over for so many consecutive days, the feeling of having no one to talk to was just weird.

I could tell Oliver wasn’t himself either. I think having no company also played a roll in his mood and he just seemed bored with his usual toys and surroundings. Since we usually hang out together on the living room carpet, I thought I’d mix things up by bringing him into our bedroom and taking out a toy he’d never seen before (cute veggie basket from IKEA!).

Not amused.

Actually the sad face was just for an instant and then he perked up

He was a good sport as I grasped for entertainment and started balancing different objects on his head.
Pardon how completely out of focus some of these photos are. My lenses are busted and no longer auto-focus :/

“I am the vegetable thief! You can not see me!”

After play time in the bedroom I did some cleaning and went online for awhile. I found a most excellent site called It has a food and exercise diary to help you lose weight and I am LOVING it. I spent a good portion of the afternoon entering in some of my recipes and logging my days calories. It has really motivated me to finally DO something about my extra 50 lbs. Being able to actually see how many calories/fat grams are in everything I eat makes it seem so attainable to reach my goal by simply not eating above a certain number and sticking to an excise routine (which I’m still working on figuring out).

My goal weight of 145lb should have me back to looking something like myself five years ago:

The mail came and we finally received our tax return that was more than double what we expected. I immediately decided we should spend a large chunk of it on the yard and started researching patio furniture and small pools for out back. Matthew gave me the OK for the pool, but I kept getting this nagging feeling about it. I’ve been praying a lot for wisdom with my spending (since I have the habit of just using it all up as soon as it’s in my pocket), so I refrained from online shopping and decided to wait awhile until we have more saved up in the bank.

I frittered around the house awhile longer while Oliver became increasingly unhappy. I could tell he was just bored being at home, same as I was, so I buckled him in his stroller, packed up a few things, and headed out the door.

Despite the heat, I decided to walk over to my old stopping grounds in the nearby shopping plaza. I worked for two years at Chamberlin’s and I like to go in now and then to shop and say hi to the few people left that still know me.

Rhonda, the store manager, was smitten with little Oliver and quickly whisked him up to parade him around the store for everyone to see 🙂

I roamed the store for a good half hour, and since I’m counting calories now, picked up some all natural gum to chew when I feel like snacking, a bottle of HINT (a zero calorie flavored water – total waste of money), and a Rice Dream chocolate crisp bar – to eat just a square or two ONLY when I’m really craving something sweet, instead of caving and making cookies or something.

Oh, by the way, last weeks goal of doing something artsy everyday totally fell through because of how unexpectedly (and wonderfully) busy every day was. I really really do want to start back up with “creative time” though…we’ll see what happens 🙂