This was such a busy busy week packed full of fun!

Monday afternoon Melissa came over for our weekly get together. We watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season one and I made us breakfast for lunch, which I never get tired of. By the way, I can eat eggs again! Oliver seems to do fine with them and I’m relishing my eggs and toast in the morning now.

Tuesday morning my mom picked up me and Oliver and we spent the afternoon bra shopping, eating Del Taco, and drinking Starbucks – Oliver loved it in there! He was getting a bit crabby (if you can even call it that. Instead of non-stop smiling he gets quiet, then occasionally grimaces and makes a When-Harry-met-Sally “uuuugggghhh” noise like when Harry is sick in bed) from all the running around and sitting in his car seat. As soon as I got him out of the car and walked into Starbucks, he started kicking his legs excitedly, was grinning SO big, and looking all around at the coffee gadgets.

Wednesday morning a visit from our doula fell through, but Melissa came over yet again to take me and Oliver shopping at Anthropologie! It was Oliver’s first big trip to the mall and he was a doll. He flirted and smiled with all the ladies he could see and never cried once. It was also my first time breast feeding in public (with a cover-up, of course) and all went well, so that hurdle is over. Right after feeding him on a bench in the middle of the mall, we went to the restroom and there was the corner was a spacious area full of padded seats and a changing table. Oh well, next time I suppose.

I found a gorgeous deep olive green dress at Anthropologie, but it was too small and too expensive (even on sale) so I wrote down every tidbit of information on the tag in hopes of finding even just a picture of it online. No luck! A few good things though: I discovered I can eat a Chick-fil-a salad if I pick out the cheese and choose the absolutely delicious berry balsamic vinaigrette. Highlight number two: more Starbucks 🙂

Thursday I got together with my mom again (she goes through Oliver withdrawal very quickly) and another trip to Starbucks was in order (curse you, Jessica, for getting me hooked again!!!)

For an early dinner, she made a gourmet salad with rosemary chicken, romaine, basil, roasted strawberries, and a maple balsamic reduction.

Friday afternoon my mother-in-law, Jan, came over for a visit and then “Auntie Bri” stopped by with her friend Amber to meet our little guy. Bri schooled him on the wonders of cell phones:

Once it cooled off in the evening, we went on a short family walk.

Saturday and today have been equally busy, so I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to post more photos 🙂