Jessica drove over from Tampa on Tuesday with Addison, Kate, and Clay so she could attend a homeschooling conference in town for several days while my mom took care of her two youngest. Once she made it to Orlando she dropped off the girls and picked up me and Oliver to go visit Heather (who I hadn’t seen in months).

On the way there we stopped at Del Taco for their 3 tacos for .99 Tuesday special, and at Starbucks for half-price frappucinos.

I was THRILLED to find out that the Mocha Coconut frapp made with soymilk (and no whipped cream, of course) is completely dairy free! I even called their Customer Service number to make sure. I am hooked. I even bought one yesterday, and came dongerously close to another today. I’ll probably cave tomorrow while the Happy Hour deal is still going on.

Once we made it to Heathers, all three of us sat in a row and nursed our boys while catching up and reminiscing about the days when we were little and always declared we would NEVER sit around talking and being boring like our moms.

Little Max is already 6 weeks old and such a cutie. I feel like Oliver was never this little, but he must have been…for a day or two at least.

The cousins seemed amused with each other but occasionally Oliver would throw a jealous look at me if I was holding Clay.

Jessica looking pretty (and in her amazing dress) with Max

On the way home the cousins fell asleep in their car seats. Oliver the Giant is quickly gaining in size and looks almost as big as nearly one-year-old Clay. (I weighed and measured him a few days ago and he’s up to 16 lbs and 26 inches.)

This is such a short post, and I have a lot of other things to write, but I’m tired, hungry, and I have an episode of Battlestar Galactica (I always think of Dwight from The Office when hear that show) to finish before bed, so goodnight!

P.S. Sorry, I did the best I could with these photos, but my little camera is really starting to go and nearly every picture was overexposed or blurry :/