I will always remember this Mother’s Day as the first (and hopefully ONLY) time that we ran out of diapers. I ordered more on the 4th, but they didn’t arrive when they were supposed to, so late last night I resorted to using some old Pampers that are a size too small. Around 1:30am I woke up to hearing Oliver chatting and giggling in his bed. Matthew went in to see if he had just rolled over and woken himself up and found that Oliver’s outfit and the bedding were soaked with pee :/

For someone wearing soggy urine drenched clothes, he was surprisingly happy. Usually he’s only up at night to eat and it’s just me, him, the rocking chair, and total silence in the dark. Well, this time it was me AND daddy, plus outfit changes and talking, so he was wide awake and seemed to think the whole thing was a midnight party.

After nursing, lots of smiling, and looking all around as if he’d never seen the room before, I set him in his bed and he fell right back to sleep (whew). I knew he was going to go #2 sometime in the next several hours, so I went back to bed dreading what I thought would be an inevitable poo explosion with those tiny diapers barely covering his bottom. Well, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ME because when he got up int he morning, those diapers had held everything in!! Already, my morning was good.

I decided I should start documenting the day…

My Mother’s Day flowers 🙂

Oliver did really well at church and was happy to just sit in the car seat chewing on Mr. Monkey for the first 20 minutes

But then he got tired of being confined and it was time for Daddy’s lap
(and small world – the guy at the end of the pew in front of us is one of the Levy boys!)

That went well until Matthew was holding him over his shoulder and Oliver decided he wanted to start loudly chatting with the people sitting behind us, so I took him to the nursing room at the back of the church. This room has GREAT air conditioning. He nursed and fell asleep for the rest of the service.

After leaving church, Matthew asked if there was anywhere I wanted to go. I finally decided – SODO Target!! I did all of our shopping there when we lived downtown, but now that we’re in Winter Park, I just never make it out that far, and for some really crazy reason there are NO other Super Targets around.

I immediately thought of my friend Kelley as we passed the Big Wheel food truck near Virginia and Orange. If I didn’t have so many food restrictions, I would have loved to stop and try it out.

Downtown Orlando is pretty small. This is Orange Ave, the main road, and that’s about 50% of everything (Ok, I might be exaggerating a little, but Orlando IS small)

Ahhhhhh. The mothership!

As soon as we walked in the door, Matthew was dressing me in bags, belts, and scarves and had a running commentary going for each item. I tried to snap photos and remember as much as I could as we went along…

“Let’s get this for Jess. She’ll look just like Sex & The City”

“Oooh, tribal beads from the Arapaho clan!”

“You should wear these. They’ll catch all your bad dreams”

“Here’s my new watch. It will keep me safe while I’m jogging.”
(Apparently because it’s so bright. And fyi: that’s the wrong time)

And bonus photo:

Best. Face. Ever.

As a treat, I bought a gorgeous olive green scarf that was on sale for only $6.48! I know it’s Florida summer weather, but come this fall, I’m wearing that baby! It was already almost 3pm by the time we got home, so we ate a late lunch then all three of us fell asleep from 4-6pm! The rest of the night has been nice and mellow. We just finished watching Galaxy Quest – a movie we never seem to tire of – and now we’re on to Star Trek. I guess it’s nerdy night here at the Katauskas household.

I hadn’t had dinner so I asked Matthew to bring me some things from the kitchen. A few minutes later he came out with this carefully arranged tray of carrots, hummus, corn salsa, and chips!

I secretly recorded Oliver’s playtime this evening and the game Matthew plays with him that I now call “I drive anything!”

Just a few notes about the video:
– He really does enjoy this and usually smiles the whole time, but he was in a very serious mood before bed
– Yes, during the train portion, Matthew said “honk hoot” instead of “choo choo”
– Mom, I see you cringing as Oliver bounces around – don’t worry. He’s fine 🙂