I’ve become hooked on HGTV since we splurged for Direct TV three months ago. Turns out, Oliver likes to take every chance he gets to learn about some home improvement, too.

(this raised-head-and-arms-back position is one of my
favorite poses of his. I call it “The Curious Seal”)

I never sit him down to intentionally watch tv, but I’m not really strict about making sure he doesn’t see it at all. In fact, I only put it on kid-friendly stations when he’s awake because I know he can hear or see it easily, and HGTV is one of the only channels that is safe. No intense music, no swearing, rarely any yelling, and no scary commercials. A rarity for tv!

The little boys nails had turned into surprisingly dangerous little daggers, so he recently had his first trim. I was too scared of clipping his skin on accident so Mathew, the ever patient man that he is, slowly and steadily got the job done.

At this point, Oliver pretty serious about the whole thing

Then he started getting bored

And then he was OVER IT. For reals.