I realized I never mentioned how our Royal Wedding slumber party celebration turned out last Friday morning. Well, it kind of…didn’t. Oliver was up frequently during the night and no one got much sleep. We still woke up at 4am, but instead of getting our feast ready, we settled for some toast and blearily watched the wedding guests arrive.

Mom’s extremely heavy sofa sits across the room from the small and very old tv, so we sat on the floor right in front of the screen so we wouldn’t miss seeing those crazy looking hats or any little snickers and whispers from Harry

We woke up little by little and by 6am when the ceremony started, I was excited and VERY into the extravaganza. Of course, right as Catherine walked down the aisle, Oliver woke up needing to nurse so I missed just a tad as he was fed and changed. I managed to make it until about 7:45 or 8am before I accidentally dozed off and missed the much anticipated first kiss on the balcony. I woke up just minutes after the second kiss and I was SO disappointed. Luckily, BBC aired the wedding highlights back-to-back for several days and I watched everything again. And again and again πŸ™‚

We finally ate our big breakfast at 10am as a Brighthouse Cable guy tried fixing all the problems that were happening just since the installation the day before.

Breakfast was so good, I did a repeat meal around 4pm. I can’t remember if I ever got a nap, though. All in all, not as fancy as we had planned, but still very memorable.

I have piles and piles of Oliver photos stacking up so I’m going to throw some random ones up before they’re forgotten and never see the light of day. These are some from his bath time a few weeks ago. It turns out, he HATES baths right now. As soon as his skin touches the water, he gets the most panicked and dreadful expression then just starts screaming at the top of his lungs. I always make sure the temperature is only a little warm, so he’s not getting burned or anything, he just does NOT want anything to do with being wet.

His little face turns beet red, giant tears roll down his face, and he shakes all over. It’s so heartbreaking to watch, I think it may be almost as traumatic for me as it is for him. I get down to business and keep the whole process down to under two minutes, but it is a very long two minutes.

These photos are after the hysterics, when he’s all wrapped up and warm in his hooded towel. He reminds me of Star Wars and a little robe-wearing Jedi knight.

I also wanted to share some photos of Oliver with Matthew. He has a very special expression he uses when gazing at Matthew, and nothing make him laugh like getting to play with daddy πŸ™‚