I am getting seriously excited at this point. For the past few weeks I’ve been looking forward to the Royal wedding. It may seem silly to some, but I find it completely fascinating and full of history, tradition, romance, and fashion! It’s the same feeling of excitement I get before a big holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, because people all over the world are able to celebrate together at the same time.

I’m at my mom’s house now and will be spending the night so we can get up together at 4am and start celebrating. Not only am I looking forward to the ceremony, but I’m also drooling over myself in anticipation for all of our goodies! We’re getting out the good china, cloth napkins, and three-tier server and setting up the entire counter with a spread of delicious treats for early in the morning.

Besides, homemade scones, here’s our list of festive food for tomorrow:

Van’s Gluten Free Waffles

Jone’s All Natural Gluten Free Sausage

Udi’s Lemon Streusel Muffins


Fresh blackberries!
Photo by Brooke McLay of http://www.cheekykitchen.com


Decaf English Breakfast

Gorilla Decaf

Oh, and chocolate!

All-Natural Dark Chocolate with Blueberries

All-Natural Dark Chocolate with Mint

If anyone else is planning to watch the wedding, here is a handy Minute-by-minute wedding schedule to help you out!

And now I must go out for a quick shopping trip to find a fancy new pair of pajamas to wear for the event 🙂