I missed posting this five days ago…oops. Here it is now, though. Better late than never 🙂

3 Month Update

April 20th, 2011

15 pounds (probably a bit more)

He is a BIG boy and has now outgrown his 6 month sleepers and we’re circulating the only three 9 month outfits we own. Time to go shopping I guess…oh darn!

Oliver has really progressed with dexterity and strength in the past month. He sleeps on his stomach and last week started rolling onto his side and back in his crib. Sometimes he stays asleep, other times I think he startles himself awake and begins “panic crying” because he’s half asleep and doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’s still sitting up almost on his own, and he looooves standing. I’ll lay down on the sofa and hold him under his arms to stand. He bears most of his weight on his own and then, without any help, puts one foot in front of the other and walks up my stomach and chest.

He’s also started using his hands a lot more. Everyday he gets time on his activity mat and he now grabs the hanging animals with BOTH hands, not just his left. Sometimes he reminds me of a bodybuilder because he’ll lay there and stare at himself in the mirror while pulling on the toys, and then yesterday he took the monkey in one hand, the giraffe in the other, pulled with all of his might and yelled “RAAAAAAAA!!!!!”. It cracked me up! He did that 3 or 4 times but I was too slow with the camera to get it on video.

He has been going to bed for naps and bedtime wonderfully for the past few weeks and hardly cries at all, but his nap times are really off right now. He seems to be having so many growths spurts it’s impossible to stick to any particular schedule. For a few weeks he started by waking up in the morning for an hour, then napping for an hour, and doing that for the ENTIRE day. Then a week or so ago he started staying up for 1.5-2 hours, then napping for 45 min-1 hour. Just in the past few days he’s started having a 3 hour nap along with one hours naps throughout the day. Like I said – NO schedule!

For a short while he was doing really really well at night and going to bed at 8pm, eating at 4am, then sleeping until 8am – HEAVEN. He’s still doing pretty well and sometimes sleeps for 6 hours at a time, but he’s been really hungry the past few nights and is waking up at least 2 or 3 times to eat. I used to love midnight feedings (and I still love the closeness) but a few weeks ago I was nursing him in semi-darkness in the glider and I felt something moving on my neck. I put my hand up to feel it and it was something crawling on me! I really quickly rolled it on my skin to squish it and threw it on the ground, but after putting Oliver back to bed and turning on the lights to search, I never found out what it was. Ever since then I am creeped out that a huge bug is crawling all over me while nursing in the dark :/

Milky McMilkerson loves his breastmilk.

He has become strangely serious at times in the past week. Not grumpy, just occasionally very very serious. The rest of the time he is very content and happy. He breaks out huge smiles and giggles when I lay him down and tickle him with kisses on his neck and tummy. He also really loves going out places and surveying all the different people. Strangers are always stopping to talk to him and he smiles and laughs for most of them. I found out what I thought was stranger-anxiety is actually eyeglasses-anxiety. He cries and frowns and frets at anyone with glasses! It surprised me when we realized what was bothering him because Matthew has always worn his glasses since Oliver was born…maybe he thinks everyone else with glasses is a daddy imposter??

Highlight of the Month:
Oliver reached for me for the first time ever. He was sitting on my moms lap while I sat across from them. He kept leaning towards me so I stood up, held out my arms for him, and he reached up to grab my hands 🙂

P.S. Today he discovered the tastiest fingers of all! (the ones I sucked on when I was a little kid 🙂