Sick sick sick sick sick. At first I thought I was feeling bad because I didn’t get much sleep, but then the achey back and fever came on suddenly yesterday afternoon and I had the worst case of shivers in my life.

I tried to take a nap and laid down for 20 restless shivering minutes, then climbed into the shower to try and stop the shaking. No matter how hot I turned the water – even when I could tell it was burning my skin – I couldn’t get warm. I turned and turned in circles like a rotisserie chicken, trying to get evenly warmed on all sides, but I was just as cold when I got out as when I got in.

My temperature quickly climbed to 103 and, after getting down to 99 earlier, it’s has been above 102 again this evening. I haven’t had much of an appetite, and besides some soup and a bowl of oatmeal, all I’ve had is an entire pint of Rice Dream.

Yum. (Seriously) I love this stuff.

I don’t have much else to write about but I do have some pictures from earlier this week.

Oliver loves tv. We never sit him down to watch it, but he’ll catch a few minutes here an there while we hold him. He had Matthew were chillin’ and watching Animal Planet

This is such a “What? Watching tv? Who, me?” face.

He cranes his head around to see the screen when he’s on his activity mat.

Or he grabs a hold of the mirror and angles it so he can see the tv!

And these two photos are just to show how blue his eyes are…

and how red his face gets when he cries. So sad…