I love carrying Oliver around in his wrap so much, I let him get a little too used to sleeping in it. Three days ago he started refusing to take naps in his crib and would go into hysterics if I laid him down in his room. This caused his already stuffy nose to get even stuffier, and then it was really impossible for him to fall asleep.

So, I’d put on my wrap where he’d fall asleep in under five minutes, and then carry him around the house with me – sometimes I’d even catch a nap myself with him still in there.

I vaguely remember hearing clicking noises the other morning while napping with Oliver. I uploaded photos from the camera and found this. (probably the most unflattering angle ever)

Saturday he started scooting himself lower and lower until he was nestled in my armpit

(Don’t worry, I quickly fixed him)

For two days in a row I let him have his little snuggle naps (or BIG snuggle naps, since he slept for three hours straight in it on Saturday!) but I knew I had to break him of the habit. Not only would it be ridiculous to have him only able to sleep on me (even though I really love it), I have chores and things I need to do that just can’t happen with him wrapped on me.

So, yesterday was the day of reckoning. It was time for his first nap of the morning and I started getting him calm by rocking him in the glider. I stood up to put him down, and as I walked toward his room he started whimpering. As I slowly lowered him into his crib his whimper quickly built into a cry, which then exploded into full on wailing.

I hate the crying. It breaks my heart. But I left the room and waited (a long) ten minutes to see if he would calm down. No dice. When I picked him up he had his lower lip sticking out and huge tear-filled eyes staring me, with an expression that clearly read “Why are you doing this to me????”. But I knew this battle wasn’t over yet and I repeated everything again…rocking, down for a nap, wild sobbing, etc. After the second try and still no sleeping, I put on the wrap and stuck him inside. I started folding laundry and walking through the house simultaneously to get him relaxed with the movement. He fell asleep in minutes.

I let him nap there 15 minutes then took him out and set him in his crib. As soon as his cheek hit the mattress his little world imploded. NOT THE CRIB AGAIN! Another long ten minutes. More rocking. A diaper change. I decided to feed him a little and he gobbled it up after all his crying exercise. Then he fell asleep in my arms – one of the best feelings in the world, and I cry thinking about the day he’ll be too big for it.

I battled with my selfish side of wanting to hold him longer, and the practical side that didn’t want to throw away hours of working towards a goal of crib-sleeping. Practicality finally won out. He woke up when I put him in his crib, but the crying was softer and his exhaustion finally won out. HE SLEPT. It took four hours to get there, but he FINALLY slept.

And I’m happy to report, he went down for the rest of his naps yesterday easy as pie, and so far this morning is looking good as well.


My cute little monkey 🙂