I’ve really fallen out of the habit of practicing photography. I look around online and view countless numbers of breathtaking images captured by tremendously talented photographers, and I feel like if I can’t top them, why even try? Well, I decided I should try because – who cares? I like taking photos, it makes me happy, and I shouldn’t care if what I do is better or worse than anyone else, as long as I enjoy what I’m doing.

Oliver was having a lot of trouble falling asleep for his naps this afternoon. Something is bothering his nose, either environmental allergies or yet another food sensitivity, and it’s nearly impossible for him to fall asleep laying down when he is so stuffed up.

I decided to put him in his wrap and walk around the block. I grabbed my ancient Powershot A20 at the last minute, just to force myself to take photos of something. It turns out I went back to Photography 101 and took pictures of the most cliche subjects ever – flowers, animals, and trees. And you know what? It was fun.

It’s a pretty neighborhood to stroll through. I like long straight sidewalks.

Right away I spotted this…can you see it?

What about now?

<img src="https://imperrfections.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/tree01.jpg&quot;

Here, a little bit closer

It was a beautiful little purple flower growing right out of the center of this oak tree

Just a tree or two away, this critter was eying me suspiciously. I think he was afraid of losing his afternoon snack to the lady with the drooling baby strapped to her chest.

Around the corner I spotted a tree covered in vines. I loved the contrast of color and textures with the bright green living vine next to the shriveled dead pieces and rough tree bark.

Another one of these guys stared with shifty eyes from up high.

Right before I got back to the house, I spied these blue lovelies peaking through someones front yard fence

And all the while, Oliver slept 🙂