Unlike my sister, who has three kids, two jobs, cleaning, cooking, shopping, play dates, church meetings, etc, and who blogged and had pictures of last Tuesday up ON Tuesday night, it has taken me a week to get around to posting…but here it is at long last.

Last Monday I spent the night at Mom’s house so we could drive to Tampa early in the morning to visit Jessica and the kids. Oliver woke up at 4:40am to eat so by 5:05 he was back to sleep and we started packing up the car. I get nervous on road trips (because drivers everywhere are on their phone, on drugs, or just don’t pay attention to anything), plus a thick fog was rolling in so we wanted to get on the road as soon as possible before there was much traffic. By 5:45 we were driving out of the neighborhood and we made it to Jessica’s just after 7am (Oliver slept all but the last 5 minutes before we got there!).

The kids were just waking up and we all sat in the front room visiting and nursing before packing into two cars and heading over to Super Target. Our first stop inside was, of course, Starbucks. Mom treated us all to coffee (tea for me) and oatmeal. I’d never tried their oatmeal before but I loved it so much I ended up getting a second cup. It comes with a packet brown sugar, a bag of nuts, and a bag of dried fruits. The first time I tried the fruits and sugar but the fruits were such an overpowering flavor I couldn’t even taste the oats (which I LOVE), so my second bowl was just oats and brown sugar and it was perfect. I’ve been making at least one bowl of oatmeal a day now. I’m addicted. (While I love just brown sugar and a touch of vanilla, my favorite decadent version is still Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal)

Addison glowing with excitement about her special breakfast

Sitting at two tables with a large shopping car plus a stroller, we took up about 1/3 of the sitting area in Starbucks

Kate and her oatmeal (there was dim light, and I think my flash is busted, so most photos are blurry from here on out)

Jessica and Clay, me with little Oliver sleeping in his cocoon/my Moby wrap, and Kate

After our treats we ended up shopping for over two hours and Oliver slept soundly the entire time. It was seriously So. Much. Fun. It was the first time we’d all gone out together (only the second time Jess had ever even seen Oliver) and the kids did great. Clay is the most content little guy there ever was. He sat in the cart the entire time just smiling and chewing on a plastic spoon, and Kate and Addison happily munched on animal crackers and chocolate Teddy Grahams. Overall – a success!

After we were settled in back at the house, Jessica ran back out for us and grabbed Five Guys for lunch. Oliver also had his lunch and while I was nursing him, Addison sat down next to me and asked “What does a Gorilla look like? Will you draw one?”

So she handed me a doodle sketch and while nursing Oliver with my right arm, I used my left hand to scribble something that hopefully kind of resembled a gorilla. Yes? Maybe? He has scary eyes and abnormally short legs, but it could have been a lot worse.

I tried on a few items I had bought while at Target but neither fit right. Jessica and I ran back out to return them and on the way home I decided…we needed more Five Guys. At lunch we had split just one large fry between three adults and Addison (who I think ate the most!), so I bought us another fry and coke. It was a hit.

We laid the two baby boy cousins down to take a few photos. Clay and Oliver are just seven months apart so I’m hoping they’ll be good buddies as they grow older. This particular meeting isn’t the best example of friendship, however. Clay was very open-armed about the whole thing, Oliver on the other hand…was a bit wary.

Soon later it was time to head back to Orlando and we drove away around 3:30pm, so I figured we’d be home around 5pm. Hah. 15 minutes after leaving Jessica’s we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. It took us 30 minutes to drive about a mile.

A horrific looking accident was the cause. Flipped cars, lots of emergency personal, and at least two people on stretchers.

There was no way I could be upset about a little hold up when I saw an accident that could have very well included us. But we were in one piece and Oliver slept soundly…for awhile at least.

The little one soon woke up screaming hungry and we had to stop twice to feed him, but we finally made back to Orlando/Winter Park at 6:30pm, about 14 hours after waking up, and it felt so good to sit down in my own house. I’m pretty sure I went to bed early but very happy that night 🙂