Yesterday was my weekly “Have-Melissa-Over-For-Coffee-Sweets-And-Movies” day. After she walked through the front door it took me an hour to finish cooking my lunch, bake banana muffins (made them healthier this time by adding more banana’s applesauce, and oats, and reducing oil and sugar), then feed Oliver and put him back to bed for a nap before we settled down for a show. We started with the new episode of Parenthood that I missed last night. It ended on a really depressing and unexpected note so we agreed something more upbeat was in order. We decided on “It’s Complicated” (*SPOILER* we also agreed the best scene is when Meryl and Steve show up at the party stoned).

As we were watching the movie it started to get really dark outside and the wind picked up. Before we knew it, it was pouring rain, flashing lighitng, and booming thunder, then all of a sudden *BAM!*…no power.

After peering out the windows at the terrifying scene outside, we pulled out some candles and a board game. I bought this game called Therapy NINE years ago at the mall and have only played it twice in my life. We decided the game itself looked weird/complicated and just read the cards, half of which seemed like they had completely false answers, but it was still fun 🙂

Matthew came out to the living room to join us and snuggled his little boy up. Oliver had been more fussy than usual but as soon as his daddy held him he was happy as could be.

After a few hours the storm died down and we went outside to check the damage. Melissa usually parks her car in the street but decided to park in the driveway instead – lucky for her since some big branches fell right where her car would be sitting.

This is Melissa’s “Ew-it’s-cold-and-I’m-getting-rained-on” look.

There were a few branches that fell in the backyard, including one that took down a cable wire. Matthew and Oliver inspected it carefully.

He wasn’t particularly interested.

The power came back on several times for a few seconds – just enough to get our hopes up – and then went out just as quickly. Melissa left around 6:30pm and it quickly started to get dark. We lit some of the candles and read more Therapy cards on Infancy. The answers were still ridiculous, but entertaining.

The power came back on for good at 7:40pm so we were only without it for about three hours, but that little bit of time really made me thankful for lights, working stoves, and refrigerators, and helped me realize how blessed we are. There are raging storm again today, but so far no power outages 🙂