How is it the weekend again already?? All week I kept meaning to blog, but never did get around to it except for Oliver’s two month update. Every day I meant to write but something else always took my attention away. I’ll try to catch up a bit now.

Last Sunday we had a surprise visit from Shirlee. Estevan (her husband) was doing some work in town and Shirlee came with him. They parked at our house and Estevan was able to meet Oliver for the first time, then they walked over to the Amtrak station (with the Winter Park Art Festival last weekend there was no parking ANYWHERE) and he took the train back home. Their daughter, Hannah, was with Shirlee’s mom, so we were able to have JUST Shirlee all to ourselves for the day. A rare treat! We filled the day with coffee (hot cocoa for her) and nearly the whole first season of Parenthood on dvd. It’s SO my new favorite show.

classic Shirlee

During the week Matthew was up to his usual antics. A musical plastic crab came with Oliver’s activity mat and I kept finding it in random places throughout the house.

This is Mr. Crab chilling in the hallway, apparently now guardian of the breaker box. I also found him dangling off of the rocking chair and then hanging onto the diaper basket with one claw while clutching my cell phone in the other.

This is a plastic sheep we found under our bed. I can’t remember where it came from but I’ve found him visiting different spots in the house. Here he is checking out our new bag of organic coffee. I also discovered him peering into a glass jar of m&m’s, then apparently he moved on to healthier eating choices when I found him trying to get into my tupperware of roasted vegetables.

On Monday I had my weekly coffee/dvd girly day with my friend Melissa. I think we went though three pots of decaf and probably a half-dozen banana muffins, and another disc of The Good Wife.

On Tuesday afternoon, Oliver and I went over to visit mom and ended up spending two nights and staying until Thursday. One of the highlights was having coffee with mom at 6am in the front yard and watching the sun come up and hearing all the noises of the city getting louder and louder.

Thursday morning we took Oliver out for his first shopping experience at Tj Maxx. Mom found this ginormous hat that I tried to convince her to buy.

In the very back of the store they had a dedicated apron section (can you believe it?) and I found this incredibly pretty apron for $12.99. I was sooo close to buying it, but in the end I just couldn’t justify the expense.

Oliver seemed to enjoy looking around the store and warily peering at strangers over my shoulder. He managed to stay awake long past his nap time then finally succumbed to his sleepiness.

Later in the afternoon, Gram stopped by moms house for a visit. She and Dick will be headed back to their house in Kentucky in two weeks so I’m glad she and Oliver were able to spend some time together. Oliver was still pretty tired, but very happy to have someone else to play with him.

By Friday we were settled back at home and Jan (my mother-in-law) came over to spend the day with us while Matthew was out working. Poor Matthew had a myriad of problems with the tuck and the lawn equipment, but I managed to have an incredibly productive day cleaning while Jan took care of Oliver. I had stayed up late the night before and only had about four hours sleep, so by 6pm I was falling asleep in the rocking chair while nursing. Oliver was intent on staying awhile awhile though, so after putting him to bed at 8:30 I made a quick trip out to do some grocery shopping, then made it back home and into bed by 9:40. It. Felt. So. Good.

And now I am well-rested and have the whole day with just my guys and a lunch of Chipotle’s burrito bowl in my near future.

Before I get off of here though, I have to share one little video. Jan has been cleaning out the closet under her staircase and found one of Matthew’s childhood toys.

I present to you, Humpty Dumpty: