Oliver hit the two month mark yesterday!

2 Month Update

March 20th, 2011

Between 13.5 and 14 lbs

We have a mini Samson! He holds his head up well with very little bobbing, he sits up halfway on his own when leaning back on our propped-up legs, he tries to stand and actually balances and holds most of his weigh with just a little help, and last week he actually army-crawled off of his tummy-time blanket! Also, two days ago he started really using his hands to intentionally grab the hanging toys on his bouncer chair and will sit for 30 minutes just batting at that silly orange hippo.

Getting better and better. The length of nap time and night time sleep still fluctuates, but I think it correlates to certain days when he’s really growing a lot and needs feeding more frequently. Last night he did his very first stretch of 8 hours between feedings (ate at 8pm, fell asleep around 9pm, then woke up at 4am to eat)!!

Still lots and lots of breast milk, though unlike before, he now sometimes gets full from nursing awhile on just one side.

Since excluding dairy and gluten (among a few other particular foods) from my diet, he has been such a happy little guy! He no longer writhes around after feedings, very rarely has gas pains, and never has inconsolable crying. He loves to smile and smile, even right after waking up in the middle of the night, and he gets really excited anytime someone looks at him and talks or tries to help him sit up/stand.

Highlight of the Month:
I think it’s really just seeing him learn and grow every day. We can actually see him taking it all in and he seems to do something brand new almost every day. It’s really exciting!