Yesterday I finally put Oliver in one of our favorite outfits we received form our friend Shirlee. For some reason it seems European and sophisticated to me. Don’t ask me why, it just does. I don’t even know how a baby can even be sophisticated, but it works.

The material feels like a dream and he looks like such a dapper little fellow. I want to get him a newsboy cap next.

Later in the afternoon my friend Melissa took us out for lunch. As usual, we returned back to my house to have coffee (decaf with the only completely non-dairy cream I can find, Rich’s non-dairy Creamer – in the freezer section) and I made us gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies for the first time (pretty darn good, but not as good as if they’d had oats in them like usual. Left them out as I’m not sure if the baby is sensitive yet or not). She always wears the most adorable clothes. She should dress me.

The big news for the day were some packages that arrived for little Mr. K. His very own play mat and bouncer chair! I was as excited as if they were just for me. It was fun to see him take it all in for the first time. He was extremely fascinated with seeing his face in the mirror.

I’m pretty sure the chair is a hit, too. He kept looking around and breaking out these huge grins.

And now I’m off to my very last post-partum Dr.’s appointment. I can’t believe it has been eight weeks to the day since Oliver was born!