The past few days have been spent taking care of sick little Oliver, then my sick mom, and now I am sick myself. I am tired and achy, but with what is happening right now as a result of the earthquake in Japan, it really doesn’t seem like something to complain about.

As a distraction from the devastation happening in the world today, I thought I would blog about what I’ve been doing this morning. It’s all completely trivial, but sometimes I need trivial.

Today I am:

Drooling over this eye-popping Steampunk office that has this very snazzy secret room:

Searching for new bedding to brighten up our room. I’m liking this:

Enjoying the music of Greg Laswell. Such a soothing voice.

And checking out these links:
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P.S. There was a verse in today’s Daily Bread devotional that really stuck with me and I spent some time reading and re-reading the passage in different translations to help it sink in. I hope it helps someone else today as well.

Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me.
Psalm 103:2 (New Living Translation)