Life is quickly revolving around Oliver and food. Like I mentioned the other day, he seems to have a pretty sensitive tummy. I learned last night that mangoes are another food that bothers him.

Last night I was starving and trying to think of something I could eat. I decided to make a big delicious batch of Mango Black Bean Salsa, ate just a little (so I could save most of it for today), and when I fed him just a few hours later, he started writhing with stomach pains, began spitting up, and had runny diapers throughout the night/morning.

It’s just a little soul crushing to be on a really restricted diet, finally think of something healthy, filling, and yummy to eat, only to find that it’s just another food that I can’t have. As of right now I’m not eating dairy, eggs, nuts, tomatoes, mangoes, or wheat/gluten (also cut out caffeine a few days ago).

Every hour I’m tempted to sneak just one vegan cookie, or eat a little Kashi Cereal bar (fyi: they are so much better than Kelloggs Nutrigrain bars which have tons o’ crap in them, including propylene glycol – a form of antifreeze!), but all I have to think about is Oliver’s sad little face, beet red from screaming and scrunched up in pain after I eat something he’s sensitive to, and I’m reminded why I’m doing this.

And really, when I see how happy he is when I’m eating well, it makes it even easier to stay away from foods that bother him.

That’s not to say it isn’t completely frustrating, though. I was ready to break down in tears several times within the past 24 hours. Like when I was ravenous in the wee hours of the morning after feeding him but went to bed because I was afraid to eat anything for fear of hurting him, or this morning when there was nothing handy to grab and eat so I didn’t have “breakfast” until 1pm, or this afternoon when I was wandering the aisles of the grocery store looking at everything I couldn’t have and how EXPENSIVE the gluten free products are.

But now that I have a pretty well stocked pantry of produce, meats, and beans, and some websites with dairy-free gluten-free recipes to try out, things are looking better. A little bit ago I had a really tasty plate of roasted green beans and sweet potatoes that perked me up.

I also had a surprise visit from my niece, Addison, this afternoon that helped brighten my day. This was her first time meeting Oliver and she was so sweet and gentle with him πŸ™‚

The other day I was taking photos of Oliver just for fun and managed to capture a fraction of his amazing blue eyes. I hope they stay this color (or change to green like his daddy)

And this is little Mr. K wearing pants for the first time. It made me sad how much older he looked in them to me so I’m sticking with onesies now.

Oh, and I finally have the “kangaroo wrap” figured out!

And now I’m going to dig around the fridge for some dinner and then enjoy these simple pleasures: