There were a few really tough days in the past few weeks. While Oliver has been doing splendidly with his sleep training, there were times when he seemed to backslide into total chaos. He would cry and cry with no solution to comforting him, he started spitting up at feedings, and he just couldn’t get to sleep. He even had a little blood in his drool a few days ago. At first I chalked most of it up to normal baby gassiness and over stimulation, but when he started spitting up 5-10 times at each feeding, and then especially with the few drops of bloody drool, I knew something wasn’t right.

After I tested eating different foods awhile before breastfeeding him, I figured out he is VERY sensitive to dairy and does not tolerate nuts, eggs or tomatoes well at all. After I stopped eating those foods for two days, he turned into a completely different and totally content baby. Last night he had good stretches of sleep, then fell right back to sleep after his middle-of-the-night feedings with absolutely no crying at all. Such a difference from all the screaming and gas pains he had been battling lately.

This was the day I had eggs at breakfast, then spent an afternoon comforting sad-spitting-up-Oliver. We were both pretty exhausted.

This is happy-content-Oliver earlier this afternoon, smiling at Poppies and having a grand ol’ time.

But I decided to test some non-dairy creamer that contained MILK (wha? apparently “lactose-free milk caseinate” counts as “dairy-free”) and tried something with tomato paste at lunch and things went downhill into spit-up-land again. It wasn’t as bad as it had been before because the amount was so small, but still no fun.

This caused him to miss some naps and then he deteriorated into over-exhausted baby. Mae Mae cheered him up with snuggles.

At this point, I’m kind of wondering if he’s also sensitive to wheat/gluten, but I’m not completely sure so I’ll continue to eat a little for now. I have a feeling I’ll be eating lots of vegetables and lean meats soon…and not much else. Hey, hopefully I’ll lose this extra weight quicker now! And of course I’ll have a happy baby as a result of all of this . That alone makes it worth it 🙂