Before I get to the pretty things, I have to say – AH! Oliver is four weeks old today!

Time really does go by so fast and I’m trying to savor every moment of his adorable baby-ness. I have to say, I’m so proud of my little guy. We started him on a flexible routine of eating and sleeping when he was one week old, and while it takes some work, every day he has done better and better. Last night he ate at 10pm, fell asleep by 11pm, and slept until 5am! And he didn’t cry when he woke up, he just smiled and waited for me to get him to eat, and then he didn’t cry when putting him back down after breastfeeding, he just cooed until he could fall back asleep. I’m so glad my sister shared this training method with me because now Oliver is, for the most part, always rested and happy 🙂

Ok, now pretty stuff.

So, I’m a sucker for Anthropologie. They are masters of marketing. I wish I had one of theirs stores nearby to visit (though 25 minutes isn’t a bad drive, but Mall at Millenia always sounds so far away) because I love to just wander around drooling over their displays.

As everyone knows, they’re pretty expensive. About three years ago I bought my first and only item from them – a set of coasters that I still own and adore (and are currently sitting next to me and used every day).

Well, I’ve been lusting after some new happy mugs or teacups to drink my coffee and tea out of in the mornings. I found some on awhile back and finally caved and bought them this week. They should be arriving in just a few short hours and I can’t wait!

The Sip-of-Nectar mug in red and Kebaya mug in turquoise

Also on its way to my house is this cute 5’x8′ rug for our living room. The entire house is tiled so I’m looking forward to this soft and cushy wool rug to squish under my feet 🙂

And the item I have my eye on now (but will probably never end up buying) – this sterling silver and rose quartz ring by artisanimpact