Not in order of importance, but all great nonetheless 🙂

1. This lovely print arrived from Etsy seller, blackoutwell! Her illustrations are adorable and I just fell in love with this piece a few months ago. I can’t wait to frame it and hang it in the nursery.

2. We had an appointment at the hospital last week to get a sonogram of Oliver’s scrotum. The pediatrician thought he may have a hernia in addition to the hydrocele, but thank the Lord, there is no inguinal hernia so Oliver won’t need any surgery!!

These are just some unrelated photos of him sleeping this morning 🙂

He makes the cutest faces when he’s dreaming

He also does weird things with his arms

3. I think the grandfathers may be just a little fond of Oliver 🙂

My dad with his SIXTH grandchild! (My brother has two kids, my sister has three, and this is our first)

My father-in-law with his very first grandchild. He’s pretty smitten 🙂 (He also bought Oliver that little Gator’s outfit)

P.S. It’s been chilly here in Florida recently so we’ve turned the heat on in the house. This morning I looked up from the bed and noticed condensation on the door window in a weird looking shape.

Upon closer inspection, I realized I was being stared at by an alien.

Do you see it? It’s like he has his arms on the door frame and is pressing his face against the glass. C.R.E.E.P.Y.