This morning we had a last-minute appointment with out pediatrician to check on Oliver’s cephalhematoma. Sunday evening it looked a bit larger to us and when I visited my mother on Monday she stated the same thing before I even mentioned it, so we went ahead and made an appointment to check it out to be safe.

Well, it’s just fine and the same size as our last visit so there’s nothing to worry about, but I was happy we went for the peace of mind. They also weighed Oliver again while we were there and he’s already up to 10lb 5oz – 2oz above his birth weight in just 13 days of life!

I thought I was doing a lot better and started moving around more yesterday, but I’ve been paying for it since this afternoon after we got back from the doctor’s office. All of a sudden my c-section incision area became extremely tender and sore and it’s been hard to even walk from the sofa to the bathroom (but I still haven’t had to take any pain medication since last Thursday or Friday, and even then it was just some prescription ibuprofen – I got off the percocet as soon as was possible).

Thankfully, some friends and family have been bringing us meals the past few days so I don’t have to worry about feeding myself and Matthew. If anyone local is also interested in bringing a meal (or gift card for locals and non-locals) and hasn’t seen me posting the link on Facebook – I have a meal registry for people to sign on for different days. Comment here or email me if you’d like the link.

While Matthew was out working for several hours today my mother-in-law (“Grandma Janny” to Oliver) came over to keep me company and help with anything I needed. Except for a feeding and two diaper changes, he happily slept in her arms the entire visit and I just had to hobble over to get the camera out.

I could take pictures of this face all day.

and he still loves nap times with Daddy πŸ™‚