Quick version:

– Wake up from a great seven hours of sleep

– Have a 30 minute hospital appointment turn into a six hour affair.

– Give in to the idea of a nice “last supper” at The Cheesecake Factory, then leave after your appetizer and get the rest of your food to go because you’re already completely full (and your contracting every few minutes at the table).

– Fall asleep for from 7:30pm-10:30pm

– Wake up, shower, watch tv, and proceed to drink coffee and eat your cheesecake at 2am.

– Write a blog.

Longer version:

My due date has now come and gone. Honestly, while I’m crazy excited to meet Oliver, I’m actually not so miserable that I just want to be done with being pregnant. Even though I keep running into things with my belly, I’m constantly burping, I can barely get out of a chair or roll over in bed, and my stomach is so stretched that a large portion is consistently numb (yes, totally and completely numb), I generally feel really good! Of course there’s the tired-and-really-hard-to-walk thing that comes with being 40 weeks pregnant, but besides that, I feel like I’m really lucky not to be wallowing in discomfort.

One thing I found encouraging was finding out at my last Dr. appointment that I’m actually making progress. I was 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, and Oliver is at -1 station!

One thing I’m trying to do, which is nearly impossible, is to not feel constantly on edge and like I’m just waiting to go into labor at any minute. It doesn’t help that I’ve had regular braxton-hicks contractions since about 20 weeks and they now like to mimic actual labor by becoming consistent. TWICE they’ve been 1 minute long, 7 minutes apart, and for more than two hours – they just die out before getting stronger.

Since around five weeks ago when I was transferred from my birth center to a “regular doctor” because of high blood pressure, I’ve had to go to the hospital twice a week for NST’s (non-stress tests), meaning I’m hooked up to a fetal monitor to make sure the baby is moving enough.

Usually they take my blood pressure, temperature, then leave me hooked up for about 20-30 minutes. Well, today we were a little late to our 11am appointment and they were slammed with other patients in labor, so the nurse asked us to come back between 1-2. We walked around the nearby mall for a while, but it was SO hot inside and I was feeling too tired for shopping, so we went back to the hospital at about 12:45.

After an hour and a half in the waiting room watching Dr. Seuss cartoons (because I couldn’t find the remote and it took almost an hour before realizing there were controls hidden on the side of the tv), we were finally able to be seen and I was hooked up to the monitor at 2:15pm. Two and a half hours later, I was finally discharged. I was worried they kept me monitored for so long because something was wrong, but they were simply so busy that they just couldn’t get back to me (except for when I finally gave in and pressed the emergency call button after 1.5 hours so the nearest nurse could unhook me because my bladder was about to EXPLODE). Not how we planned to spend the day, but at least we saw that Oliver is moving like crazy in there and I was contracting every 4-7 minutes.

So we got out around 5pm and decided to go out to dinner on the way home. We don’t usually eat somewhere as pricey as The Cheesecake Factory, but after a very blessed few days of Etsy sales (thanks to being featured on boingboing.net), we decided we could swing by for a special treat. After eating a little bread and splitting the Fried Macaroni & Cheese appetizer (it’s amazing, but I don’t even want to know how much butter, cream, and cheese is crammed into those fried balls of pasta), I was completely full and just wanted to lay down at home, so we changed our meals and dessert to take-out and went home. I think I made it a whole hour before completely crashing and falling asleep for three hours. Something about being out all day – even if it was mostly in a hospital bed – had me exhausted and I just couldn’t keep my eyes open another minute.

I woke up around 10:30pm, went online a bit, watched tv, and finally decided a shower would be a good idea. Showers have become one of my favorite little luxuries. The hotter the better, especially with a backache. And what’s better after a hot shower than hot coffee, chocolate coconut cheesecake, and National Treasure 2? Not much.

But now I’m getting tired again, despite the small caffeine intake, and I think I’ll head to bed soon and fall asleep to Serendipity. Who knows, maybe I’ll wake up in labor tomorrow!