Well, we’re finishing up the last preparations before Baby K gets here. Hospital bags are packed, baby clothes are clean, and the fridge has some easy-to-make meals for the upcoming days.

We also couldn’t keep it a secret any longer and finally decided to reveal the name to everyone:
our little guy will be Oliver Liam Katauskas.

I’ve had such a mix of emotions the past few days. Now that I’m in week 39, I’m both BEYOND ready, excited and anxious to hold our little boy, but also trying to savor my last few days of this pregnancy and my time alone with Matthew.

At my 37th week appointment I was not dilated but told I was thinning. At my 38th week visit I still was not dilated, but didn’t get any more info than that because my doctor read my chart wrong, thought I was past my due date, and immediately asked if I was ready to induce the next day!

After our initial shock passed and we told the doctor I still had a week and a half to go (due date is the 14th), he was all for waiting another week before discussing induction. Matthew and I are both hoping I go into labor Monday night so Oliver can be born Tuesday on 1/11/11! If not, my Dr. appointment Tuesday afternoon will probably include scheduling a time within the next few days to be induced because of my high blood pressure during the end of this pregnancy. Not something we’re wanting, but if necessary for the health of the baby, then it will have to be done.

Matthew has been amazing during these past nine months, but these past several weeks he has been my own knight in shining armor. Every evening he’s been doing dishes, laundry, taking out the trash, setting up the nursery, and unpacking (we still have boxes piled around), plus any other little odd jobs that need done. All the while I lay in bed while he brings me whatever I want and puts on movies and tells me I better not do any work 🙂

Some of the movies I’ve been watching quite a bit and will always remind me of this pregnancy:

Inception – Our new favorite movie. I wish they made more films like this that are just pure fun to watch, figure out, rewatch, and figure out some more.
Leap Year – Silly, cute, funny, and yes, totally predictable.
Did you Hear About The Morgans? – Actually not very good at all, even for having Hugh Grant in it (though I’ve never been a big fan of Sarah Jessica Parker). The only reason I’ve “watched” it so many times is because I always fell asleep right away and just saw a few minutes here and there. I finally watched it all today (mostly…I still dozed odd a bit I think).
Galaxy Quest – I don’t know how, but this movie stays funny no matter how many times we watch it.
Stardust – It’s enjoyable and easy to watch. A favorite to put on at night when I can’t sleep.

There are probably more but that’s all I can think of for now. And I’m always up for movie recommendations if you have any 🙂