Happy new year! I’m recapping my adventures for the past year and this here is January-June 2010.

In January:

A portrait I took of friend and author, Jackie Dolamore, was published in her first book, Magic Under Glass, and I attended the launch party at the Colonial Dr Barnes & Noble.
Jaclyn Dolamore
Magic Under Glass launch party at Barnes & Noble
Magic Under Glass launch party at Barnes & Noble

Fell in love with all things Steampunk

Was able to visit with my friend and talented singer, Audrey Assad, while she was in town for a concert. I tagged along backstage for a few hours and took photos. Lots of fun, though I lost a lens cap.

Pre-concert sound check
Pre-concert sound check

In February:

Matthew and I braved the still-cold Florida weather on Valentine’s Day and visited the local Folk Art Festival. While there I finally met Dawn Shcreiner and received the beautiful portrait she had made of me:

Spent some time with my cousins Gator and Sammy and had a little photo session with them:

Completed and revealed my new series of work – The Rock Star Scientist Posters

In March

Made crepes for the very first time in my life

I had my first haircut in six years

Attended the third meeting with [7] (a newly formed artists group) and made Panang Curry for Janessa (Creative Director at Evolve Design Group), Brook (celebrity photographer), Tisse (photographer/artist), and Anna (artist)!

In April:

Did a mini makeover on the bathroom at our old apartment

Got to meet online friend of seven years, Allison, and her husband, Brian, in person!

Began posting a photo and poem every day, but sadly, it lasted less than a month

Coffee & fresh air
Breathe deep & drink from the cup
This cloudless morning

wake, think, work
always question

young woman
speak, trust, explore,
be brilliant

ferocious woman
laugh, desire, devour
embrace life

In May:

I basically did a whole lot of cooking and posted a myriad of recipes (which was a good thing, since this was also the month we discovered I was pregnant and I would soon abhor food)

Mango Salsa

Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk

Paremsan Roasted Potatoes

White Cheddar Pasta with Chicken & Herbs

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

In June:
My sister, Jessica, had her third baby – my little nephew, Clay!

Went on a day trip to New Smyrna Beach with Matthew, Mom, and Gator

I turned 25 and had a surprise birthday visit from Shirlee and Estevan!

And that wraps up the first six months of 2010. Coming soon: July-December 🙂