What happens when a hungry pregnant woman goes grocery shopping on Christmas Eve with only 15 minutes left until the store closes? She runs through the aisles at top speed (which means a slow waddle to everyone else) while throwing every sweet and savory morsel into the basket which tickles her fancy. Oh, and she buys a dvd for full price – at a GROCERY store.

I felt so rushed to get anything we might want in the next 24 hours that I ended up spending much more than I intended and we now have so many treats I don’t know where to start. Miniature croissants, tiramisu, and coconut cake with cream cheese frosting from the bakery. Lemon pepper fish, mattar paneer, and chicken linguine from the freezers. Four boxes of crackers, three types of soda, three different cheeses, and sparkling white grape juice. Turkey deli meat, potato chips, orange juice, milk – and lets not forget the cinnamon rolls and half & half for the coffee in the morning.

The only thing that helps me justify this extravagance is the fact that so many of these items were on sale (or even buy one get one free – I love you Publix!), I’ve made some good sales lately, we didn’t do any gift shopping this year (sorry, friends and family), and I want to make our last Christmas with just the two of us feel special. Yes, I still feel a little guilty, but I’m just going to choose to enjoy it all and have some fun!

Of course, fun is objective, but in my eyes, it’s been a very enjoyable night so far. I decided to take a few photos to document our simple Christmas Eve so we can look back and see what life was like before kids, and we can show our son what we were doing just days before he joined us 🙂

So on Christmas Eve 2010, I came home from the store with a boatload of edible goodies to enjoy. (We have been so giddy over the variety of food we have now. We keep going to the kitchen and giggling over it all)

Matthew set up the futon for a cozy movie night in the living because he thought it would make it more special for us. I love being right next the the Christmas tree.

He surprised me by washing dishes while I was shopping

He also worked on the laundry with our brand new (to us at least) washer and dryer!

After all that work, he needed a nice shower

And this is where I’ve been sitting this evening, relaxing with my feet up and watching It’s A Wonderful Life (and indeed it is 🙂

(Oh, and just a quick peak at the nursery – don’t worry, it will look much better very soon!)

So there’s a little peak into our evening. I think it’s time now to try a little tiramisu…