This past Saturday my sister, Jessica, and good friend/second mom, Darlene, put together a baby shower just for me! My mom was in charge of decorations and did a perfectly suited and beautiful job. She went with a vintage theme for me and made gorgeous flower arrangements out of roses, hand-glittered pine, and home made baby signs from old book pages (and more glitter of course) 🙂

She also made these white fluffy balls out of Styrofoam, hot glue, and coffee filters, then suspended them over the refreshments table

I’m snagging this baby banner for our nursery. Yet another handmade goody from my mom.

In nursery news: we received a crib from a friend of my sisters and Matthew began putting it together last week.

Then the other night, while I was cooking obliviously, Matthew surprised me by clearing out all the moving boxes and random junk that had collected in the babies room, finished putting the crib together, and arranged the few furniture items we have so far. I was so surprised when he showed me that I started crying. It really is those little thoughtful actions that mean the most.

Baby belly shot!

The doctor has now moved up my due date from Jan. 21st to Jan, 14 so I’ve jumped from 35 to now 36 weeks. Just yesterday we had our second sonogram and it gave a due date of DECEMBER 31st (the first sono one did as well). This is impossible for the actual due date, though depending on how long baby boy wants to keep cooking, it’s totally plausible he could choose to be born that early.

He was also measured at 7lb 4oz right now, but I’ve read those estimates can be off by as much as 1.5 lb so we won’t really know for sure until the big arrival. I was surprised to get some 3D photos taken during the ultrasound. All babies look pretty mushy and weird on those things, but we got a few good glimpses and I can already see an adorable resemblance to Matthew.

(He kept putting his hand over his eye but this was the best shot out of them all – and while it doesn’t show in this one, we found out he has some fuzzy hair on his head already!)

It’s hard to believe we have just a few more weeks until he’s here!