I know I complain much too often about pregnancy aches and pains, but the truth is, I know when I finally give birth, I’ll miss the kicks and tumbles I’ve become so accustomed to feeling and even grown to find comforting.

I woke up at 3:30am and noticed some semi-painful Braxton Hicks contractions, plus a stuffy nose, AND shortness of breath from this little baby boy crushing my lungs, so I decided to give up on sleep for the time being.

It’s now 5am and I’m sitting in the living room beside our glowing Christmas tree that has bathed everything in a soft yellow light, making these wee morning hours feel cozy and warm instead of sterile and lonely, as is usually the case. I’m also at the perfect angle to have the ceiling heat vent across the room warming me perfectly and keeping me toasty. If sleep is put off a bit longer, I may just need a hot cup of cocoa and a good romantic comedy on the tv (Have you seam Leap Year with Amy Adams? I know it’s a bit cheesy and predictable, but I’ve found myself watching it over and over again since we bought it previously-viewed at Blockbuster last week. Which reminds me, does anyone else still go to Blockbuster, if only for the fabulous 4 for $20 deals?).

Since I’m awake, and because I make one every year and everyone must be just itching to know, I decided to finally finish my Christmas list. This may not be very interesting to anyone, and I feel like there are so many things I’m forgetting, but oh well.

Some of the little (and big) things my heart desires, whether they are practical and attainable or not 🙂

1. The Office, Seasons 5 and 6

2. While we’re on dvd’s, I could also totally go for some 30 Rock

3. If I can’t have all the fancy camera equipment I want, I could at least get this fancy Kelly Moore camera bag/purse to hold what I already own.

4. Pillows like these made from GP & J Baker’s ‘California’ textile.

5. A book I’ve had on my Amazon wishlist for FIVE years. I should just buy it for myself already.

6. My favorite big item on our Target baby registry – this very cute and simple bassinet

7. The Ikea Ektorp Sofa

aaand matching Ektorp Sofa Bed

8.Something I always want – art supplies from www.dickblick.com! (ignore the horrible and pornographic sounding company name – it really is just art supplies) More specifically, all of this:
***click to see the list***

9. Thermos mugs. I just really want some.

10. I’m running out of ideas here, but I do know that this book is great and would really push my creativity further in the kitchen.

And yes, I fell asleep for several hours and I’m finishing this list up at 10:30am. Coffee is brewing and I’m ready to start the day 🙂