Yet another time warp has occurred and it’s now been four weeks THREE weeks (apparently I can’t count) since my last post as well as my last belly photo.

The stretch marks are still multiplying. I’ve been prone to them my whole life and no amount of body butter or lotion concoction will change a thing.

As for whats going on, our days have been filled with:

– Getting hooked on afternoon court television shows. Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, People’s Court (my favorite)….these are on from about 12-6 and have sucked me in much too easily.

– Attempting to go out on a Saturday morning date to the Park Ave Panera Bread. We got there just at the end of a Christmas Parade and they were out of just about everything. No biggie, we decided to walk to the Farmer’s Market. Well, the crowds were horrible, pushy, annoying, and everyone brings their DOGS.

It was so frustrating (and expensive – $4 for a croissant? $8 for a crepe??) we left and I made us bacon and french toast at home. The day was saved.

– Nesting. Cleaning the house, putting together the crib, getting together baby items. With just a few more weeks to go it’s all becoming much more real and just a tad panicky with so much to do still.

– Watching foodie movies like Julie & Julia and No Reservations. This led me to pull out this book and cook up some French Onion Soup and Ham, Mushroom, and Gruyere Crepes.

I did not care for the crepe batter, but I think it’s simply from following the directions to chill for 20 minutes. That made it WAY too thick to coat the pan so half the batch was thick and gummy while the other half (now thinned by much more milk) was thin and flaky and just..weird. But still very tasty once all put together!

– A huge change in birth plans. After discovering I’ve developed Gestational Prehypertension (not to be confused with pre-eclampsia which i don’t have) I’ve risked out of my birth center and home birth plan and must now deliver at the hospital. While it’s not what we chose at first, Matthew and I both feel good about it and like the Lord has led us there for a reason.

Thankfully, we now have a doula for extra support and we’ll be meeting (and hopefully delivering) with a very recommended Certified Nurse Midwife that delivers at a nearby hospital and is very geared toward all natural births. The hospital even has birthing tubs, water-proof fetal monitors, aroma therapy, birthing balls, etc, so we should still get the birth we both want 🙂